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The Value Of Real Friendship On The Example Of a Short Story "Victoria & Elle"

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One day a girl named Victoria was going on an adventure to explore her new surroundings of her new home. She moved with her tribe from Maui to Hawaii Island. So, when she set off to go adventure she made sure to let her tribe know where she is going, but one person from her tribe insisted that someone must go with her. Right when that was said a girl immediately volunteered to go along with her. This girl’s name was Elle. One thing these two girls had in common was their adventurousness, but that doesn’t mean that they get along. Victoria still had her parents while Elle’s parents were killed by another tribe. Ever since Elle’s parents passed she’s always been the one to keep to herself. While Victoria is outgoing and does everything she can do to help with the tribe. So, that causes Elle to be jealous of Victoria.

The real reason Elle is going on this adventure with Victoria is to confront her about her “perfect” life. Back to the adventure Elle and Victoria were walking in complete silence until Elle broke the silence. When Elle broke the silence she decided to say “So how’s you’re perfect life Victoria?” After Elle said that Victoria immediately turned about with an annoyed look on her face and snapped back saying “My life isn’t perfect.” Right when Victoria said that Elle and She started to fight. Right in the middle of their fighting the ground started to shake beneath them. They stopped their bickering and started to run back to where their tribe set up camp.

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While they were running as fast as they can there was this big boom causing a split to happen right in front of them in the land both Elle fell back while Victoria fell in the crack almost falling to death but luckily she was able to grab onto a tree root. Victoria didn’t have the strength to pull herself up and back to safety so she begged Elle to help her. At first Elle hesitated because she didn’t like her, but she gave in and ran to help pull her up. After, Elle pulled Victoria to safety they noticed there was no chance to get to the other side without falling to their death. So, they had to to work together noticing that they still had a long way back from camp. Victoria was trying her best to make a bridge over the split of the earth as fast as she can, and Elle was helping, but she was working really slow not understanding this is life or death.

Victoria started to yell at Elle saying “Do you not care if we die?!” Elle responded with “No I don’t care, why do I spend time of my life trying to save you. The girl with the perfect life.” That causing Victoria to snap back with “I said my life is not perfect. Now help me because I don’t want to die.” Right after Victoria said that another big boom occurred. Both looking in the direction from where they heard it come from and they see a huge cloud of gray smoke in the bright blue sky. Right as they were looking at the cloud they started to notice something falling from the sky. The thing falling from the sky turned out to be a medium sized black rock with some orange liquid on it. Elle went to go pick it up and Victoria was quick to shout “Don’t be that stupid, can you not see that there is smoke coming off of it meaning that is hot.” Elle responds with “I want to know what it is. Stuff like this doesn’t just randomly fall out of the sky Victoria.”

So Victoria responded with “Have you never heated of ‘Vulcan’ he’s know fro being the god of fire and mountains. This could be a sign.” “A sign of what, anger, death, or warning. Please Victoria tell me how can this be a sign.” Said Elle “Well there is a myth where if Vulcan hears people fighting he causes a volcano to erupt. So every time a volcano erupts, it means that Vulcan is getting upset because he hears people fighting. So all of this is happening because of you Elle. If you just kept quiet, we wouldn’t be in this situation now. Everyone back at camp is probably worried that we are hurt or lost. Now the earth is left with this major split right here because of our stupid little argument.” “I’m sorry Victoria there I said it I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying that you have the perfect life. I’m sorry for starting this whole stupid argument.” Said Elle.

Since Elle said that it caused Victoria to look at her and say “I’m sorry as well. Now can we please try to figure a way to get back to camp.” “Yes” Said Elle. So they started to work and build a bridge across the crack in the earth. Once they completed their task to make a bridge they headed back to their camp. When they finally got back to their camp, everyone was in complete panic. Everyone was running over to us seeing if we were okay and if we were hurt in any way, but we told them that we were fine. Now only Victoria and Elle have seen the impact they caused Vulcan to leave on the earth forever.

With how the world is today there is a similarity with this story and the real world. The similarity is that people nowadays don’t really get along with others who aren’t like them. And people get jealous of others who have a better life than them. But if something happened to two complete opposite people like what happened in the story they would have to work together no matter how different they are. But sometimes people don’t work together, causing someone get hurt in many different ways. Or the tragic event that could occur can bring them to be friends meaning that friendships can beat the bad and bring good.


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