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The Value of the Word Honesty

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Honesty is a big word and unfortunately most people don’t know what the value of the word is and are never honest in their lives at all. Honesty is always the best way to deal with anything and everything. If you are an honest person you will be very happy and peaceful in your life and doesn’t even have to feel guilty for lying or not being honest. So you don’t feel guilty afterwards say the truth, even if you did something very bad and can cause you a lot of trouble, but you never know. You may get out of trouble and have less consequences than you were going to have at the beginning.

Honesty is always the key to solve any situation you are dealing with, and it’s always successful, being honest gives you self-courage without feeling bad or guilty afterwards. Sometimes being dishonest can be successful, but not for too long, eventually you’ll face the same situation and you could possibly get into more trouble than the first time for one not being honest, and two for lying, so that’s double the punishment on you. Imagine the consequences you will face if you lie and the consequences you face if you tell the truth. There is a pretty big chance that if you tell the truth and be honest you won’t face as much trouble and won’t get in as much trouble if you were dishonest. Unfortunately when people lie they aren’t the only ones to get in trouble but they can get others in trouble for something they didn’t do. Being a dishonest person can really affect you down the road and with your personal life and where, you get used to lying so much you start doing without even noticing.

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Lying never got anyone anywhere and it never will, in fact they lose everyone’ trust no matter who they are in your life. Mom, dad, brother, sister. Especially if it’s a family member. That‘s the hardest part of the problem one is that they’re lying but its not anyone is your own family member that lying to you and being dishonest with you. This is where you lose all your trust in them and everyone else, because if your parents are lying to you than, for sure others will be dishonest with you too. Always think before you say something, ask yourself if what you’re going to say is a lie or the truth.

Now think about this, one day you’re walking outside and you saw a wallet with over $200 worth of cash and a gold ring and a $100 gift card for McDonalds. Obviously, and that’s human nature you’d want the money and whatever is in the wallet for you. This comes back to being honest, if you were an honest person you would take it to the police station and hand it in and say you found it, and there would be no consequences, and you’d be thanked for doing something like that and being honest. But if you were to see that wallet and pick it up like it’s yours and walk away like nothing happened, that’s called lying and dishonesty, later on if you get asked or hear about the situation, saying if you have seen this wallet please call, and you have seen it and you’re not doing anything about it. That’s considered lying because it’s asking and if you don’t respond that means you haven’t seen it or know anything about it, but if you have and you know about it but still not doing anything that’s considered lying and dishonesty. Again asking a question and you know the answer to it, but you’re saying that you don’t. This reflects on you, and only you later on how and what kind of person you are, and especially if you’re dishonest, no one is going to want to work with you or have anything to do with you. When you’re lying, you’re really just tricking yourself but the others catch you and say aren’t you ticking yourself and lying to me as well. This is where you feel guilty or altradt should feel guilty. At the end of all this everyone is going to know that all you do is lie so whatever you say no one is going to believe you or even trust you. You’ll end up losing all your friends, family and you’ll end up being alone because of all the lies you’ve said in the past. Sometimes you can’t go back and try to fix all the lies you’ve said once something happens it happens, just like death. When someone dies you can’t bring them back to life, and being dishonest can end people’s lives. So you really need to make sure what’s coming out of your mouth isn’t going to hurt anyone or put you into situations bigger than you and you can’t handle them.

People lie and think they’re getting themselves out of trouble but they’re going to get away with it. But they’re wrong that could make the situation way worse than it already is, face it, don’t run away from it. This doesn’t only make you a good person but you will have more self confidence in you, if you did something wrong, say you did and don’t run away from it. Why run away from something you did and then when you’re going to face it, you get scared and run away, which makes it worse. It is true that it could be very hard to face it but you have to try your best to face it and get over with, better than thinking about it all the time and being worried, when it’s going to come back to you and you’re gonna have to face it n matter what. No one has even gotten away with a lie, and if they were successful with the lie, that success won’t last for too long before its comes back and that when you have to deal with it and there is no way out until everything is figured out. If you think about it the situation you are going to put yourself in and lie so you don’t get in trouble isn’t worth at the end. Ask yourself “would you rather get in trouble for what you did and for lying”? Or not get in trouble at all and benefit from facing the situation that you got yourself into?

This shouldn’t take time for you to think about it because you should know the answer without thinking about it. Keep in mind that they say little kids lie, because they’re little and don’t want to get in trouble, and the lie about little things like “I didn’t hide mom’s car keys under my bed so she doesn’t find them and go to work.” these are called little lies and they’re easy to solve, know that you have a little child at home and just look in random places to find them and, ta da!, all done keys are found and that’s it. But if you’re an adult and you’re lying that’s one and it a pretty big like that can end lives, relationships, that’s a big one and the blame goes all on you and only you for doing what you did, and sometimes you can fix what you did and go back, it’s not a video that you can replay or go back and watch it again, once something happens, there is no going back, and that’s it, it’s done. It’s like if you were to drop a glass plate on the floor and it broke, can you put it back together and fix it? No, absolutely not. That’s what happens to people’s hearts when others lie to them, it’s broken and cannot be put back together again.


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