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Goals of the Vibravid Platform and Its Advantages in the Crypto Market

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VibraVid is here to change the way consumers interact with digital content, while increasing the revenue potential of content creators. VibraVid is a free P2P/peer-to-peer desktop and mobile streaming application that enables users to view and listen to content created by video and audio creators. VibraVid will provide a platform for creators to upload, store, market, lease and sell their content to users with the added benefits of being able to crowdfund and sell merchandise and event tickets directly to their subscribers and fans.

BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which is the exchange of value on the VibraVid platform. Together, VibraVid and BeatzCoin provide an ecosystem that allows creators and users to a means of exchange, peer-to-peer, for goods, services, through bounties and as prizes. Both, users and creators, are rewarded for their participation by

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Requires time and resources, as does content marketing. A paradoxical situation arises wherein the creator is forced to forsake production in favor of marketing and advertising. Instead of using time and talent to produce creative works, the creator becomes a marketer, resulting in a massive amount of low quality content made available to users, who, in turn, lose interest. Even with a successful team and marketing campaign, statistics show that the majority of any targeted audience does not interact with a content creator’s advertisement or provide feedback.

The VibraVid platform aims to solve the issue of discoverability with the added benefits of an improved method for increasing user interaction, critiquing and feedback. Existing platforms are focused primarily on increasing advertising revenues and provide insufficient participation incentives for users and content creator alike.They offer marketing solutions to creators at a premium and do not incentivize users to view or listen to new content.

The most successful creators earn a minority share of revenue from the platforms they upload their content to. VibraVid feels that this is an unfair business model and our platform seeks to change the status quo in favor of content creators and users by incentivizing them to create and enjoy quality content.We believe that this not only will allow more creators to start making new and independent content, but will also allow them to generate a fair income that is truly based on the popularity of their content.



With BeatzCoin at the centre of VibraVid, we are able to offer both users and creators a new way of earning money for creating, watching or listening to what they love. While advertising is not a thing of the past, we believe that users should be able to decide if they want to view adverts, and creators should be able to decide whether, and how frequently advertisements are displayed during the duration of their content. Some of the ways VibraVid users will earn BeatzCoins are:

  1. Signing up to the VibraVid platform
  2. Staking their tokens
  3. Participating in bounties
  4. Opting to watch paid to view (PTV) advertisements
  5. Competing in daily and weekly challenges

Some of the ways creators on the VibraVid platform will earn BeatzCoins are:

  1. Having their content watched or listened to
  2. Having the most views in a selected period
  3. Allowing paid to view (PTV) advertisements on their content
  4. Receiving tips from viewers
  5. Crowdfunding on our platform



In 2016, the music industry generated 15,7 billion dollars, globally. This was after a 15 year decline in revenue from 1999 to 2014 where it declined by 40%. This uptick in revenue is attributed to the accessibility of digital music. From 2004, where digital music held a share of 0.4% of the total market revenue, it has now grown to exceed 50% of the market. This is mainly due to technological advancements, better mobile data connectivity and streaming services, the latter of which turned the music industry around after many years of piracy related declining revenues.

The industry is now growing steadily at approximately 5.9% per annum, with 60.4% growth in streaming services and 17.7% digital revenue growth. Physical revenue is down 7.6% and download revenue is down 20.5%. Video streaming has had an equally meaningful impact on us, with over 100,000 hours of video being streamed every minute on subscription based services, and more than 600,000 hours of video being uploaded to free video streaming services – all indicators that the industry is experiencing exponential growth. The 2017 revenues created by the top 10 streaming video providers stood at $781M.

The most interesting statistic being that Q1 2017 realized $145M in revenue, and Q4’s revenue was $242M. VibraVid’s timely market entry is a strategy certain to genuinely benefit and justly reward a large variety of creatives including, but not limited to, popular video creators, instrumental producers, musicians and movie producers and their many fans and followers.



Joining VibraVid will be a simple process. Anyone wanting to participate will sign up as either a user or a creator.


The first 2,000 user accounts will be rewarded with 500 Beatzcoins. Users will be able to decide whether they would like to view adverts on the platform, which will earn them BeatzCoins, or they may opt to turn it off. The selection will not be fixed and can be changed by the user at any time. They will be able to stake their tokens and earn interest by using Proof of Locked Stake (POLS). The tokens will be locked for predetermined periods which should lower the circulating supply, thereby potentially increasing the token value.

Users may choose to enter various bounties on the platform in order to earn additional BeatzCoins. There will be two types of platform-based bounties; free and paid. Paid bounties will require all participants to pool a small amount of BeatzCoins in order to stand a chance of winning a larger amount of tokens. The platform will also offer daily and weekly challenges which the user can participate in to win tokens. Users will be able to search for content by audio or video and play it on either their mobile or desktops. Some content will have a cost which is allocated by the creator, and some will be free or paid to the user to play or download.



There is also the concern of illicit materials such as pirated content or pornography making its way onto the network. The team will monitor content to ensure that these materials do not get uploaded to the platform, however should they be uploaded, we will blacklist the hash for any of these videos, making it unwatchable. We do, however, aim for further decentralization by implementing rewards for nodes that blacklist the hash of unlawful content.


The first 2,000 creators will be rewarded with 500 BeatzCoins. Once a creator has completed their registration, they will be able to upload their content to our blockchain-based P2P network. Creators will then be able to set the fee for playing/viewing the individual track, album, video or season. They will be able to decide whether they will make their content available for lease or sale (downloadable) or to rent for a specific period of time. VibraVid will also provide creators with the means to create crowd funded projects as well as sell merchandise and tickets to events.

The marketing section on the creators dashboard will allow for the set up of bounties for platform users to earn BeatzCoins, focused recommendations to users, spotlight promotion, as well as rotation spots on our streaming platforms VibraVid TV and VibraVid Radio. Creators will also be able to participate in VibraVid sponsored creator competitions.


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