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The Video Game That Has Taken The World By Storm

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In this day and age, easy entertainment is readily available at the tip of your fingers at all times. One of the most prevalent forms of entertainment right now, is video games, in specific Fortnite. Video games, such as Fortnite, allow people of all ages to challenge themselves to improve and to push themselves to get a win. Also, they allow people to immerse themselves in to a perspective that they otherwise would never have been able to even imagine. This newer, more convenient form of entertainment has affected our society in a variety of ways, many positive and many negative. These varying results are now influencing a new generation of children. A new generation that has been raised with video games and many other forms of entertainment readily available in the palm of their hand for their entire lives. Much like the general effect on society, there are many positive and many negative aspects of children being able to have such ease of access to entertainment. There is benefit to games such as Fortnite. These games can provide hours of fun for these children, while also teaching them many different things, such as reaction time, and attention to detail. While video games can be used to positively affect learning in children, they can also inhibit a child’s performance in school if they are playing too much or too often. These games can also become too addictive to children, blocking out and taking over many other aspects of that child’s life. To avoid this, many child’s need to have their interactions with video games such as Fortnite to be moderated and controlled to become a positive force in their life.

While there are many different individual video games that kids are playing at any one time, in recent times, there is one video game that has become immensely popular and is being played by, what seems like everyone, this game is Fortnite. Fortnite, with it’s very cartoon like style, has taken over today’s youth and is everywhere right now. In Fortnite, up to one hundred people are dropped into the map, scrambling to find guns, medicine and even collecting wood, brick and steel to build with. All of this goes into preparing to fight the other one hundred people on the map, fighting to be the last one standing. This pattern of shorter games, of you not expecting to win but rather expecting to lose, while it seems counter intuitive just adds to the addictiveness of the game. This is because if you lose the game, it doesn’t feel like you lose by much, and you can see where you can improve if you just did one thing a little better. The game is also very easy to just keep playing over and over, this is because, immediately after dying, you can just requeue up for another chance at winning. When, after grinding out many games and improving, you do finally get that victory royale, you get a huge rush of adrenaline and dopamine. Once you’re done celebrating, it’s time to do it all over again. If the gameplay alone is not enough for you, you can queue up with some friends in squad’s (3-4 people) or duo’s (2 people) and fight to be the last squad or duo standing instead of going at it alone. This endless loop of grinding, improving, and feeling the rush of winning is a very addicting pattern that Fortnite has perfected. It’s just fun, in every single aspect of the word fun. It’s all the little things, the unique building style, which separates it from a lot of other battle royales. The fluidity of being able to play with your friends cross platform and no matter what, you can pretty much always play with your friends and that’s something that I think that a lot of games don’t do. (Fortnite Gamer Ninja On How He Got His Name and Why The Game Is Such A Hit)

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This is a quote from the titan of a steamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins as he talks about Fortnite, and why the game is so popular. Ninja himself is a good example of the game’s huge fanbase and just the sheer scope of the popularity. Ninja has played with many traditionally famous people, including rappers Travis Scott and Drake. During the streams of Ninja playing with these rappers, he got up to 630000 viewers at one time, blowing the previous record out of the water. Ninja and other streamers like him have made it big, propelled by the game’s success and popularity with a younger demographic. These streamers are able to make a living off of the game, so they are able to dedicate all their time to improving and providing the highest quality gameplay and entertainment. People watch to improve their own gameplay, and also for pure entertainment value. This is just another form of entertainment for kids to have access to anytime they want. More recently Fortnite made a leap from consoles and computer and is now available on IOS and Android just making the game even more accessible. Fortnite has blown up and surged into mainstream attention and many kids are playing whenever they see an opportunity. This sadly includes inside the classroom. And when kids aren’t in class they go home and stay up late playing the game, causing them to be tired in class the next morning. With anybody now able to play on your phone, and kids playing at home causing them to be tired the next day, Fortnite is plaguing public schools and causing many grades to dip.

Many public Schools are doing their best to crack down on the game in school, banning it from being played, even outside of class, while on campus. Not only is the school system cracking down on kids’ addiction to Fortnite, many parents are also doing their best to restrict their kids screen time. Such as Cindy Phillips as she restricts her son to only play an hour every day during the year and only two- or three-hours during summer. (Martell 118) This is because parents too worry that their kid is too addicted to Fortnite and, just like the schools, are also worried about their child’s grades slipping. Parents are also noticing their children slipping away from the family and spending less time with friends to play the game. Fortnite is the new biggest thing that is taking today’s youth by storm. Everyone seems to be playing it for it’s addictive gameplay that allows you to keep playing over and over with a different experience and more to learn each time you play. Fortnite is such a big cultural phenomenon that many streamers can easily live off of providing high quality entertaining gameplay in their streams. The game is so addictive, that it is starting to take over the life’s of many young kids, taking precedence over their school and their social lives. However, Fortnite, when taken in moderation, can be a positive experience for kids that allows them to have a little bit of fun.


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