The Voting and Registration Behaviors of Voters

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This research uses several survey datas towards America’s federal election years between 1996 and 2004 to investigate and figure out the voting and registration behaviors of voters. Also this study focuses on and tries to answer the question that how does race/ethnicity affect the political environment and state policies in America. Up to now, there are thousands of studies made by scholars and their point is mainly focuses only on black and whites or immigrants and native-born Americans, however, this study will generalize those minority groups under a flag and examine them as “ethnic groups”. Previous and recent studies show the data such as, NES and CPS and help met o analyze them in an efficient way. These studies actually found that there is a huge gap between ethnich groups’ and native-born Americans’ registration and voting behaviors.

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As a result of this, ethnich groups have an impact on political environment and state policies. According to my research, there was not too many studies which examined these consequences in details. The contribution of my study to these studies is detailed examination of the data. Despite the fact that the researchers has made great use of literature and found several agreements on the issue of the impact of ethnicity on political environment, during my research I realized a missing point in these studies. This article will show that racial or ethnic inequality in terms of rootedness in the society literally do not totally clarify the entire differences among the groups in terms of political participation. Here the argument is that if there is a fact that shows the gap between ethnich groups and native-born Americans in electoral participation and registration, there is also an impact of ethnic groups on state policies.

Therefore, the result is how these groups affects the political environment. In this paper, I will consider the effects of ethnich groups as a subject, and while doing this I will often use different sources written by scholars because of the accepted analyses of datas. In this article, enough numbers of publications will be examined and political aspects of ethnich groups in the years between 1996 and 2004 will be evaluated. Both positive and negative comments and evaluations on the ethnich groups’ effect on political participation and registration will be evaluated and made and represented to the reader in a holistic way.

Furthermore, this time frame, which reflects the period from beginning of 1996 elections to the 2004 elections, presents an opportunity to remark any changing nuances in political realm that might be reflected in the studies. In those academic studies, putting forward several points of view related to such an important topic and evaluating some unspoken points at that time will shape the aim of the article. Accordingly, my research question is: How does ethnich/racial groups affect the political participation and registration and also the state policies in America?

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