The War Shown in Troy


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The war shown in Troy is more than just a macro conflict of various “nations.” The war in the film Troy is more of a serious of little wars between the characters that feed the large war between the nations. This can be seen in the relationship between Hector and Paris and the war within Achilles.

A mission of peace is the last place one diplomate should steal another’s wife, but that type of maturity is lost on the younger of the princes of Troy, Paris. When after a few nights Paris decides that he loves the princess of Sparta and departs back to Troy with her the true war between the elder Brother Hector and Paris begins. When Paris asks if Hector loves him, Hector reminds him that the last time he spoke like that was when he was a child. That line seems to alert the viewer that although Paris is the age of a man Hector shill really sees him as a boy. When Paris reveals that he has snuck Helen on the boat with him and the Trojans, Hector is having none of it. That scene ignites the war between brothers. Hector is depicted as much older and wiser than Paris. He reminds him that Paris really knows nothing of love. Hector asks him what of his love of his country, what of the love of his father, who Hector thinks will disagree with the decision.

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That initial disagreement shows the brother’s true motivations. Hector is motivated by a love of duty to his country while Paris is motivated by his perception of love. The war between the brothers never ends. That can be seen by the need for Hector to constantly look after Paris. When Menelaus challenges Paris to a duel over Helen’s hand its hector that has to step in and clean up the mess. Hector does that to protect his brother, but also as a means of protecting his country as the conflict received the blessing of the father of the two. That endorsement makes the war one where Hector has to fight because now it is about more than love, it is about the future of Troy who Hector loves dearly. The second of the little wars that Troy shows is the one that rages within Achilles. His mother tells him of his options; stay in Greece and be loved by family but forgotten or go to Troy and die with glory. Of course, he chooses the glory. His purposes are challenged when he captures Hectors cousin Briseis and seems to show her that he cares in his own rough way. The strained relationship they have shown that although Achilles is a killer, he may have chosen the wrong path.

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