The Way Minority Impact Society

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A minority is a smaller number or part, especially a number that is half the whole number,A fact you might not know about minorities is that they are world wide. A minority can impact society, this is seen through Adolf Hitler, Ben Ross in ‘The Wave’, and Ms.Gruwell in ‘The Freedom Writers’.

Hence why i choose Adolf Hitler, because he started as one person and was able to persuade the people of germany for the most part. Adolf Hitler had less than 10% of people in Germany following his rules, according to Ben Ross. Despite this, Hitler was still able to gain power and gain control over Germany. His devoted supporters followed his rules, and because of this Jews were forced to go into hiding and follow strict rules, like for example having to wear a yellow star as well as having a curfew and only being allowed to go to certain places. Based on these things you can tell Adolf Hitler was a strong minority.

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Secondly, Ms.Gruwell also shows how a minority is able to impact society she was able to help her students of different colors, religions, and ethnicities to realize that even though they had different problems, they all had similarities and could bond over some of their problems. How Ms.Gruwell was able to help the students was by relating her problems with theirs and helping them with their problems by showing them the positive sides of their problems. 

In a way, Ms.Gruwell can be related to Martin Luther King Jr. for what she tried to accomplish, she tried to make her students of color, religion, and ethnic groups realize that not all white people are the same and she also tried to make her white students realize that the people of color were going through tough times and to be more accepting. Infact she made some of her students drop drugs they were doing, along with, abuse, and gang violence. Her students were able to move on to university/college. Ms.Gruwell had a tough time because her fellow teachers were going against what she was trying to accomplish.

Finally, Ben Ross started his own cult and got his students to get more members which started his own experiment which can be related back to Adolf Hitler because he did experiments too. Ben Ross was able to start his cult and get students to join it because he’s likeable, not only that but he portrayed ‘The Wave’ as a good influence. It started off as a good thing, it spread to the school’s football team and then to other classes and people that were in the wave had improved grades, attitudes, it seemed to be going good. Not for the people the that weren’t a part of The Wave though. eventually, it caused fighting and people not a part of the wave were being discriminated against and not treated equally. which was one of the main purposes of The Wave.Like when david pushed laurie because she did not want to join the wave.

In conclusion, the voice of a minority can have an impact as long as they are willing to be persistent in what they are saying. These individuals need to have thick skin in handling criticism and rejection from the majority. As long as they are willing to abide by these rules, their voice will have a much bigger impact in the long run. It is evident through Adolf Hitler, Ms. Gruwell, and Mr. Ross that as long as you stick to what you are saying, you will have a better chance of garnering more followers.  

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