How We Can Honor God with Our Life

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So, what does it wish to respect God? To respect God means to give him respect, honor, admiration, appreciation, reverence, praise, submission, and respect which are because of Him. To respect God means to worship Him at all our attitudes, hearts, and activities. This significance of what it means to recognize God is revealed to us at what Christ named the beginning and greatest doctrine: “ You shall like that Almighty the idol with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. That is the important and first commandment ''. Say that honoring God may not be restricted to the outward performances of rites or ceremonies. Christ commands us to respect God with both our mouths and our spirits. Hypocrites respect God with these languages of their lips but their spirits are far removed from him.

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The word respect means to recognize or measure somebody or thing. It means to put a good amount or higher cost on something. Nowadays, we tend to put our beliefs on our own rights and the equality of someone. Yet, biblical attitude is far different, more about the perceived difference in that we realize that some matters and some people are more valuable than we exist. Firstly, you get to find others as God sees them. They were made in God's example. God is trying them and engaging them. God knows them as his person so we should find them this way , too. We should show them specific attitude and honour because there are people much more valuable than all the riches in this world. The Bible says that God has given us a commandment: Love one another. We must love one another as ourselves. If we do not treat each other with respect, then our enemies will be jealous of us.

I think that God wants to make sure everyone is treated with respect because he loves us. If you have a friend who doesn't respect you, then you should respect him even more. If you have a friend whose name is not on your list, then you should respect him even more. You should respect them even more because they are your friends and you can never get away from them. So basically to honor God we have to honor ourselves and others around us. By doing things like: 1. Pray to the Lord 2. Do good deeds 3. Do good works 4. And all should go well for everyone. God doesn't like us hating on each other for no reason.

The original idea of honoring God was to bring him goats to sacrifice or animals to kill. But we are in a new age and God gave his only son for us to not have to do that anymore. We are now able to do this through our own actions. God is giving us the ability to do something without any expectation of reward. We can do anything we want without any expectations. Well we can't do anything we want but I think you get the point. We need to be careful about what we say, how we act and if it will make us feel. God gave us the power to do what we want but we have to be smart with what we do with that power and make him happy to get to the ultimate place which is heaven. We should not let others influence us or make decisions for us. It's okay to say no when you are in a situation where your life is at stake.

We should always remember that God has given us the ability to choose our own path. We can choose to follow his lead and live according to his word. Or we could go off path and not respect him at all, Which isn't what we want to do. The Bible says that if we don't obey God's commands then he will punish us. If we disobey him, he will punish us. We should never be afraid of God because he knows what we need to do. We should never be afraid of anything. We must trust him and believe in his promises. God is faithful to us and he will keep them. We should always have faith in him. I think this is a very important thing to remember when you think about how much God loves you. He will protect us from any harm that may come our way and he will help us through all our troubles.

This scriptural perspective of people is that they are created in the image of God. Thus, they are deserving of honor and respect since they demonstrate God's picture. However, the picture is not one of the personal appearance. God is life, and life does not get body and bones. Thus, this picture of God this relating to such matters as the power to love, hate, show mercy, to forgive, be sensible, to revere, to adore, and be just.

From this foregoing speech, Christians have a completely different purpose of welfare. To the Christian, it requires relationships between person, God, and the fellow human race. The following Biblical Christian rules thus are extremely critical to the religion's management and refer to the issue of poverty and property. Acquisition of property is not a sin but may be harmful. This biblical-Christian philosophy is that property in itself is not a sin; it is God who makes the power to make riches. Developed honestly and used wisely may be a blessing to all. Still may be a bad curse when developed or used differently.

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