The Ways to Reduce Shyness

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  • Introduction
  • Do Something Positive
  • Be Engaged in Social Activities
  • Be True at Yourself
  • Conclusion


For me, it is normal for a person to be shy in a certain situation. However, experts also say that being too shy is not good for our mental health. And, if your shyness feels like it is with you, there are a number of things you can do to lower the pressure and come back to life as you know it. Statistics show that people living alone in life do not live as long as those who have deep and meaningful family and friends' relations. Each step you take to overcome the fear of holding back will bring more years to your life, and maybe more longevity to your years. Give the gift of human interaction to yourself. When it comes to our most basic human needs, it is vital for a full life and second only to food, health and shelter. You have more control than you might feel about your fear and anxiety. To reduce shyness: be positive, take part in social groups, and always be true to yourself.

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Do Something Positive

Firstly, be positive. To help them relax, many people drink lavender tea and even take supplements such as fish oil. Doing yoga or having a daily exercise is a great way to help you ease your anxiety or panic levels as well. That is how powerful meditation is. Things that you watch on television or read in the papers can cause your shyness about going out into the world. Sometimes, stop watching the media report, rather than watch a sitcom that will make you laugh. I'm not saying that you live in a cave, but if you have an anxiety-ridden day, it might be easier to do something more fun than to get sucked into the latest bad news. When you know what makes you feel like running, it will help you in the future to stop triggers. Not only do you meditate and avoid media report or, but also revisit places which will make you feel the inner peace. It is great idea to read books by the pool or mountains most of the time. Majority of the people find it very relaxing to be in nature and relieve stress. The trick is to find the places that make you feel most relaxed and then remember them, and the next time you feel nervous, go to a quiet spot and just picture yourself back in your quiet place. It sounds too easy, I know, but it works very well. Begin the day with the right foot. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is pray and do a brief meditation. Just visualizing a peaceful day ahead and remembering that I'm safe are helpful little tools that can make the difference between a nervous day and a calm one. I also think of positive thoughts such as, "Everything will be alright!". I use this technique of meditation whenever needed throughout the day.

Be Engaged in Social Activities

Secondly, if you are shy, you still have hope of increasing your peers' fear of rejection. Participation in group activities has beneficial long-term effects, whether they include business, sports, hobbies, or the arts. Whether or not someone can take advantage of these behaviors is probably a result of adolescent experiences. If adolescents are not exposed to social groups often enough to learn the importance of friendships, it is likely that they will continue to struggle to maintain social connections into their adulthood. But it's not too late: we can find it much less difficult to communicate with other people just by taking part in more social activities right now. We will benefit from more time spent with friends because it allows us to be unaffected by social exclusion. When you spend more time with friends and stay engaged in social activities, the idea of a social threat or rejection will make you less anxious and less stressed out.

Be True at Yourself

Thirdly, whatever team you are part of, be true at yourself all times. Do not be afraid to be the first in a new setting to speak up. A simple question can sometimes spark a lively conversation. In addition, consider suppressing negative thoughts— you know, the internal critic who tells you lies like, 'I look like a fool' and 'Everyone hates me.' Such thoughts will raise your actions and feelings of avoidance. If you think of negative thoughts, try instead to repeat a few positive statements to yourself. Remember that you have the power to remove shyness or at least make it a non-issue from your life. Search for groups that can help you build trust with your shyness. Who says that? Maybe you're going to organize your own party one day, and you are going to find a young, shy friend who needs help overcome her own shyness.


Now that you have overcome shyness, you are going to start noticing your old self's difference. You will then start to rehabilitate yourself by perhaps interacting with your family members, and your best friends. Changing does not mean you despise yourself. Since changing is something, you are doing to better yourself.

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