The Ways to Work with Introverts


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An introvert is often considered to be a quiet, relaxed, and thoughtful person. Basically, the introvert person does not interact with the other members of the group. They often spend their time by sitting and working alone. Because of their this type of nature they are misunderstood and neglected some time. If I am a leader and have an introvert in my team, I would try to make him participate in every task of the team by appreciating and encouraging him in front of the team so that he can feel confident.

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Practical Tools

Practical tools are the most effective tools to help and introvert person to make interaction with the leader and the other team members. The tools often like Emails, Meetings and Calling can help the introverted person to indulge in the workplace.

  • Emails & Messaging. As a team leader, I will do communication through the emails and messages with the person because verbally communication may not be the best possible solution. Moreover, he can assemble information by doing work at home and that can be effective to the project. He can do his best at his home because it may be the best environment for him to work.
  • One on One meeting. As a leader, one on one meeting can be the best way to know my people. These types of meeting can help to build up the relationship between the leader and the member. Moreover, I can know the strengths of my members and it can help us to make them work on which they are perfect and this can also increase the productivity (Rotenberg, 2018).
  • Calling. This tool can help a person to gather information or his opinion after the meeting. We can have a long conversation with him and know his opinions and ideas more briefly. I believe while calling he can speak up more efficiently and discuss the good and bad things more effectively with the leader.

Space Design

Space design refers to the special requirement and changes needed to make the environment good for the team members to work and help introverts to adjust with environment quickly.

  • Gap the workplace into various segments: when planning an open arrangement office, guarantee that areas of the workplace are saved for calm work. In the present portable working environment, it is essential to give spaces where introverts can work in isolation with their laptops and can retreat when the hustle and bustle of the office becomes distracting (North,2018).
  • Schedule: members can select their own hours to do work by managing the time and project deadline with their team. If they want to work from home for some time, then it will surely not a big deal because the goal is to communication and task completion which can be done through calling and other media and introvert person will contact more through this.

Other Ways

  • Grant good work: introverts don’t care to be the focal point of consideration; however, they value a calm expression of applause, or affirmation that doesn’t expect them to stand up before everyone. Grant their great work with respect to their responsibilities (Colin, 2016).
  • Provide them with structure: give clear directions, schedule notifications when they need to be sent, and clearly and accurately describe their targets.


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