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The What’s and How of Teachers

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In this ever changing world, adaptation and change are essential especially today that we are living in the 21st century. This century is an era of survival and innovations. To create, modify, and innovate are the main goal of every individual. As we go beyond and embrace these changes in our lives, we are directed and aware that everything we used to do is actually changing in accordance to the needs of the people, environment and time.

The two Saturday enhancement and productive seminar about on becoming a global teacher and teacher-leader seminar that was held last September 8 and 22, 2018 at CBSUA Student Atrium really helped me understand, cope up, and learn the things and attitudes that needed to uphold of a future teacher-leader like me. As a student-teacher, the topics that were discussed by the competent and dynamic keynote speakers most specially the talk of Dr. Sulpicio Alferez III – Principal of Camarines Sur National High school on the topic “Transformative Leadership in Education” truly opened my mind and changed my perception about the life and vocation of a teacher. On that day, additional skills, erudition, motivations and experience were inculcated and entrenched on me. Along with the qualities and attributes that were discussed, I have one favourite and considered as special trait that a student and future professional should hold, and it is ’’Thinks you, not me’’.

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Thinks you not me is a simple reminder from Dr. Sulpicio, what I like about this line is that it reminds me of the core value of being a teacher, this line simply told me that when you’ve decided to be part of the greatest profession you will no longer think and serve for yourself alone, you will become an ambassador of goodwill, ready to sacrifice your precious time and even your sick days just to teach and deal with everything about your students’ needs. Another remarkable lesson that I have gained during those seminars were the importance of self-confidence, appreciation of your fellow colleagues and the determination to do our goals in life. Our aspiration should be bigger than our doubt. Skills were nourished too during the two-Saturday seminar.

As an Educational Media Technology (EMT) student it is imperative for me to know and be updated on the current trends and issues regarding technology, thus the theme about technology during that seminar added bags of information and ideas about my field of specialization specially this time that few weeks from now we will be deployed and we will be doing our practice teaching. As we ended the seminar, I left the school atrium with full of information, and had enriched my perception in life. I know for myself that the knowledge that I gained during the activity will guide me and help me harnessing my characteristics and attributes as student-teacher.


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