Complex Character of Merlin in Story About King Arthur

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Merlin is the main character as well the narrator, who wants to find his father and Uther’s son. He makes friends and enemies along way. Merlin is a hard working young boy, whenever the tables turn he always finds a way to come out on top. He grows into his power of an enchanter. He was led by God to find the truth. Merlin uses Uther to find more about the birth of Arthur. He had to grow up quickly and act and think like a wise man. He got himself in multiple good relationships with the people that he met along the way of this childhood.

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As Merlin grows up many people don’t care for him nor his mother. He’s trained by a hermit that teaches him how to use his powers. With making great relations with the important people such as Tremorinus, Galapas, and Ambrosius, Merlin became a wise individual. He develops into being an adventurous young boy/ man. He is willing to undertake a new path of life and happiness.

Merlin replays his memories on his life as child. He wants to know about his father, but his mother keeps it to herself after having a forbidden affair with Ambrosius. He’s trying to help others out too, but he wants to know about his life. His mom won’t tell him who his dad is but she later on gives him a token of his dad. Merlin is reinsured that there is hope and believing in finding him.

Merlin is helping Uther and Ygraine sleep together, but then that is when Arthur is conceived. Merlin mission is to bring about the making of Arthur. Merlin helps Ygraine and Uther back together as parents of the Great Future King Arthur. He sees how everything can come true by believing and putting work into it. Merlin’s next path will lead to Arthur.

Merlin did what he was told to do to save a friend from the truth. This results in Merlin having to kill Britheal so that Uther wouldn’t be found in Ygraine’s bed. Which as close to the results in Merlin losing his life, it stopped from people to know about the legend of King Arthur.

Overall Merlin did what maybe anyone would do not necessarily kill man. To help a friend in need and of course save family. He shows how far he will go for people. As much as Merlin is going through just to help his friends and in addition to finding his father. He thinks about how God didn’t work or no not believing in what God will do. He starts to believe that it’s true and can’t believe it. From the beginning of the novel seeing how Merlin didn’t know his father but asked constantly about him to his mother. He met other people he lives around and make great relationships. He learns how to fight, and be smart with the moves he makes. The “wise man” chooses his battles and make the best of the best and everyone loves him for that.

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