The Woman Warrior and Zeus


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Once upon a time, there was a man who fought for the people of his town and experienced a journey filled with danger, thrill, and fearless acts of love. This story is about a hero who is advised and betrayed by gods and goddesses, and of his adventures to find his way free of his prison and his many acts of bravery. The daughter of Zeus, a great and true friend of the mighty Kaveh, helped him and his men through their hectic adventure. As Kaveh laid tied in the Volcano of Aetna, he realized if he or any of the other prisoners tried to move they would be spewed with burning hot lava or worse eaten by Typhon. Kaveh needed to come up with a way to help get the others and himself free. He was getting desperate and thought that maybe the only way out would be by the help of a god, but he thought that not possible for it was the king of the gods who imprisoned him there. “Father you cannot punish him for trying to save the woman he loves and all those innocent people you have imprisoned with him should not be there,” Athena said to the King of the gods.

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“You do not command me, he has defied my power and now he will suffer the rest of his existence next to that terrorous giant and he will see all of those innocent people die because of him,” said Zeus, the god of lightning. While Kaveh was thinking of a way out he began to think about how he got there in the first place. Kaveh was in love with a beautiful maiden named Diana. She was loved by many of the men in Athens. One of Diana’s many admirers, King Pyris, was very vain and wanted Diana all to himself, he sent one of his guards to kidnap her and stick her in a tower surrounded by a river filled with monsters.

Kaveh was a renowned warrior and he would stop at nothing to save the woman he loved or anybody at all. Kaveh and some of his warrior friends set off to find and rescue the maiden. Kaveh planned on challenging King Pyris to a duel over the maiden’s hand in marriage. Kaveh knew there would be problems because King Pyris was favored greatly by Zeus. The warrior, being strong did not lose hope. On their way Kaveh heard the loud voice of Zeus, “If you hurt King Pyris you and your men will be punished for the rest of your lives.” Kaveh did not want to endanger his friends and he sent them home. As soon as he sent them home, he continued his adventure. After a few minutes of traveling alone, Kaveh encountered himself in a tough limbo. There were three upper class men. Each man was strangling a person with a knife to their neck. The men had a princess, knight and a poor servant, The three men, gave Kaveh a simple decision, he either saved one of the prisoners or they all died. Kaveh, being the swift warrior he is, was able to save them all with one fabulous move. Leaving the three men with knives on the ground unconscious, Kaveh let the three prisoners go.

Kaveh found the beautiful maiden and fought King Pyris. They battled for two days when finally Kaveh killed the evil king. Tired but a winner, Kaveh was able to go home, with the love of his life, Diana by his side. Once they were back in Athens, the great warrior fell into a deep sleep and awoke tied in the volcano with all of his men. He cried to Zeus, “These men did no harm to King Pyris, I killed him let my men go.” That was how he ended up tied and miserable under the volcano with his warriors. The sun was at the highest it could be in the sky. The birds were loudly singing, but a cheerful tune was not heard, but a scary and violent tune was. All of them missed their home and families and Kaveh deeply desired to be reunited with his love Diana. Just as they started to give up hope Athena sent them a crow. Kaveh saw the crow and knew the blue-eyed goddess had sent the crow to save them.

The crow flew above them like a strong force using the intense wind and his dark shadow creeped over the red hot volcano like a lunar eclipse, the crow’s mouth held something that shimmered as a sword’s reflection in the sun. As the owl got closer Kaveh saw the crow carried a small dagger. The crow dropped it and speedly Kaveh caught it with his hands tied and he cut them loose. He carefully untied the rest of his friends. They made a plan to get out of the volcano by making the giant Typhon sneeze and ride on the goey and nasty snot up and out of the volcano.

With Athena’s protection, and loyal friendship to Kaveh, they made it safely out of the volcano. Kaveh and his men were tired and hungry, yet were determined to make it home without stopping. While Zeus was still resolute to put dangers and delay them from getting home, Athena protected and sent them help and gifts to assist their journey home.As the moon began to appear and the birds were no longer heard, Kaveh and his men arrived in Athens. Athens did not have a king and Kaveh was crowned king for his bravery and his selflessness. Kaveh learned what the meaning of true bravery really is. On his grand adventure he was able to mature, respect and help everyone, but most importantly, symbolized what a true warrior is. Kaveh married Diana, and Athena convinced Zeus to forgive Kaveh and let him live his life. Kaveh ruled a long and prosperous reign and lived happily with wife and many children.

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