The World is a Matchbox, the People Are the Match Sticks

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What is a match? Is it just a fire starter tool? Sticks that can start flames, a small material that can burn a whole forest? Is it just a wooden or a stiff paper that is coated with a material that can be ignited? What is a match?

The world? It is a matchbox. The people? They are the match sticks. And me? I am one of the match sticks. Two matches of the same box ignited once, at the same time. One lit up, one did not. Why? Every single match looks the same in the naked eye. But do we all know that, not all match sticks inside the box will ignite. Some may not light up because the stick was not dragged in the right way or another and some will just perfectly give you light. Mind you, every match looks the same. But why does not one function like the other? One match may not result the same way as the rest. When a match is at its peace, when it is not struck, you won’t mind the match. But when it is, it can be as dangerous as a forty-five.

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Me, I am just match stick. A match stick? You may ask; yes! I am just like anybody else, any other match stick. I am no different with other matches, they say. They assume that I work perfectly fine. That I am just a typical match stick. But I was that match stick that did not ignite. I am the one without the flame. “If I don’t see it, it’s not really there”, they may assume. But I have a spark inside me. I just needed a little more kick. I have my demons in me. The painful demons are the ones you can’t see. I am living in hell. I’m burning, I’m in flame. I don’t know who to blame. That is me. Yes, I am a match just like you… but different.

I am always being stereotyped. I’m just that girl you see every day. I am no different from any other people. I am just ‘that’ person. People don’t see my real self because I am terrified. I am scared to show what’s really the real me. I am frightened by the judgments of other people of me. I am the person who does not easily come out of my shell immediately. I may seem warm and calm on the outside, but I am flaming/scorching hot on the inside. You still need to crack me out of this mold of mine. In order for me to be out, for me to ignite. I am that type of person. If others can easily be out, then that is not me. Everyone has their own ‘baga’ or spark in them. We may not see them, but really they are there. From the outside it is easy for someone to think that you’re fine, that you got it all figured out. Just because you’re dressed nicely, you’re smiling, your cheeks; flushed, and your hair; brushed. Just like any other people in the world. They assume that you’re fine because you look the same as the people you surround yourself with. And that is sad. I am that type of person you hear other people talked about, a person that has the trait, “nasa loob ang kulo.”

And it takes you to have a bead of active ingredients and binder to be a match. My active ingredient is my mind, and my binder is my soul. And my kick is within me. I am a match, that type of match that needs a little bit more of an effort. I am a match but I’m not your typical every day match.

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