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Technology is indeed a big help to us people but do you really think that it is just a help alone? Didn’t you ever wonder that having technology is also a problem that we are now facing? Maybe some of us may think that it is really an advantage because it has so many use, and I have nothing against that because for a student like me it is! But we all know that in very situation there will always be a consequences or disadvantages. Many people nowadays cannot imagine life without technology because it has been a daily routine of our lives from the time we open our eyes in the morning we automatically check our gadgets and every minute or hour/s we check our gadgets, we tend to check it because some are for entertainments, updates, and even on businesses. We have experienced a lot of changes over the past few years. I might say that it is quite helpful but most of it is not. By abusing the advantages that we have right now is really the negative side of having technology.

So I have asked my mother of what is their technology back then she said that technology back then was very rare you can only see few people who has gadgets and who values their gadgets as if the gadget is a child because she said that people nowadays treats their gadgets precious than their life they will do anything for their gadgets, she also said that the children before were not hard to please, they easily get happy over the little things. All they wanted to do is to play with their playmates of course, until they get tired or their moms call them. They really do value their time with their playmates. They are more on physical games like patintero, tumbang preso, piko, mataya-taya, hide and seek and such that I bet children nowadays don’t know how to play or they don’t even know that this outdoor games exist and this is where they parents grew up not having a video game on a tablet and talking to online friends.

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She also said that all of the children before know how to do household chores and the parents do not have to tell them that they have to do it in short children back then has an initiative. That’s why I think their parents might not get easily angry because they are that obedient enough. Unlike now the parents get angry before the kids do what they want they told them to do. And I also observed that most of the parents nowadays gives their child a luxurious phone, and I asked them why do you have to do that? It is not even necessary for a child to have that because they have to develop their social interaction but because of having gadgets they isolate themselves they are more likely to be contented of what their mobile devices can give, the parents answered me they just don’t want their child to go out of style, because technology is on trend that’s why they want their child to be on it. But sad to say it has a bad effects on their child and having a gadgets on their early life is not cool. And also having gadgets may lead to addiction and distraction of the child to their studies some of them might get distracted during class hours and so on. So I guess, this is very far of what we have right now. So, now let me share you what I have observed in the so-called “New Generation Children” or the cliché one the “Millennials”.

Technology improves the efficiency of education in some of us, transportation, medicines and so on. Having this kind of advancement is really a benefit to us because it gives us a more convenient life but we all know that if it is too much, it is bad. Now as I have observed technology has a great impact on our social interaction because instead of talking to an actual person we can just talk to them by texting them or chatting them online without having a face-to-face communication and in a house who has a good internet connection and has an enough gadget will tend not to talk to each other and just face their mobile devices, gadgets, laptop and such. The sense of having a family bonding is gone, that is the only day that you and your family will be completed because they are busy on their own lives and making money but because of technology you cannot have some family activities because you are all busy with your gadgets and also in a family children usually do not talk to their parents because they are shy to share their problems so they share their problems either on a social media or to their friends online, parents don’t have any idea of what their child is going through. Also on work people tend not to talk to their bosses face-to-face because their reason is we have email and they can just submit their works there if it is done.


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