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The Worlds Most Unique World Records

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Howdy Guys, In this Article we are discussing about The Worlds Most Unique World Records. Today India is recognized for its new technology, knowledge, power in the whole world. He is known today as a rapidly emerging economy, not the name of a country with snake charmers. Apart from this, India is also taking a dig at the world for its military power. But do you know that people of this country with diverse cultures have made some world records recorded in Guinness Book of World Records? If you do not even know about these world records, then we do not tell you anything.

So Lets See Worlds Most Unique World Records:

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  1. The world’s largest turban
  2. Many people in India have the taste of wearing turban. As we know, wearing a turban on every auspicious occasion in our country is a custom. Avtar Singh Mouny wears the world’s largest turban. The weight of this turban is 100 pounds and it takes 6 hours to bind it.

  3. Most tattoos of the flag on the body
  4. Nowadays where the tattoo is trending. Especially among the youth is its most crazy. Usually you have heard that people have made eight or ten tattoos on their body. But today we tell you about a man who has made floral flags of 305 different countries, maps of 185 countries, 165 mini flags and 2,985 characters tattooed on his body. Their name is sage.

  5. World’s Largest Condom Mosaic
  6. India’s growing population is a matter of concern. Initiating a unique initiative in the field of population control, the world’s largest condom mosaic was built on November 16, 2014 in Lucknow. Around 4,418 condom packets were used to build this, which was shown at IIM Lucknow’s annual exhibition.

  7. Fast typing with nose
  8. The Worlds Most Unique World Records

    We all work to write and type with the help of our hands. There are also some people who type with the help of their feet. But you may have heard it hard to type in your nose. This charisma was made true by India’s Vinod Kumar Chaudhary. He made the world record by typing 103 words in his nose only in 46.30 seconds.

  9. At the highest point of the day
  10. In the month of December, children await the arrival of Santa. But have you ever seen more than 18 thousand centas? No, but 18,112 Seta Clauses were present at the Santa Claus Conference in Thamble Ground of Kerala. The goal of this conference was to raise money for the poor.

  11. Hugging most people in one hour
  12. Whenever two friends meet they are embracing each other. But have you ever embraced more and more ignorant people in an hour? Such a feat, on September 29, 2012, Jayasima Ravila hugged 2,436 people in an hour and included her name in Guinness Records. This program was organized in Andhra Pradesh’s Aditya Institute of Technology and Management of Tekalle.

So this was the unique world record created by the Indians who set new records and registered their names on the global side along with the country. How did you find this article? If this article gives you any help, then we will be very happy. Of course, give your reaction. Our best wishes are with you, always be healthy and happy.


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