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The Worsening Effect Of Music In Modern Days

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As what the three articles I’ve searched talked about, it looks like the use of music in modern days are getting worse and worse. According to the reports about music, the use of music in just half of the century drastically changes. And it looks like the variety of genres of music use gets lesser and it is all because of the people nowadays likes to stick in just 2 or 3 genres of music. Also those music genres only used a similar sound that is why it always got into the trend. And meaningless lyrics become a trend in modern days.

Many people who likes the golden ages that are around the age of 50 states that the more the song is in the trend, the more it gets louder and louder and less variety of sounds are used. Which is for me, is the truth. The songs nowadays may look cool but it’s actually not. For example is K-pop music. Nowadays K-pop music becomes a trend in the world of music and culture as they break cultural barriers because of their interaction with their international fans. They also trend because they do have the good concepts, cool choreographies, and good visuals (looks). But when it comes to music and their contents, some of them seems like a stack of sounds from different culture. That’s why whenever a specialist listens to some of K-pop music they always come across to another song which has the same vibe. It is also another reason why not the whole concept of K-pop accepts among the others. It’s not just the K-pop who got harsh critics about their music.

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The new American hip-hop and pop music artist also get’s criticized. The concept of strong image in hip-hop is what it makes it unique, but the new generation artist puts the word unique in new different level. They produce a new way of rapping called mumble rap. It’s a new way of rapping where it is very impossible to comprehend and to analyze because every word they said where senseless hence, they also have the same beats and sounds. And also, the hip-hop nowadays doesn’t have any meaning or point to focus to when listening. Just another way of stacking words just to make a perfect beat to their mumble rapping. Also, hip-hop artists nowadays become a bad influence to the youth as they don’t really have a well mannered concept to begin with. While in the side of pop music, they do produce good music but majority of what they produce nowadays are all just meaningless music. Sometimes they’ve been sued because of the likeness of their song to another one which is against the rule of Copyright Law. And it looks like it becomes a norm to them, because they can just pay the penalty fee they’ve got and still make their song trend.

Therefore, I conclude that as time pass by, music may do break cultural barriers but in the same manner, those changes in time may give opportunity to those aspiring artist in the future to produce a new way of singing and rapping like mumble rap to grow and trend. But as we all know, everything that will happen in the future are uncertain. Maybe in the near future they can change the norms of music in the present and may do nurture it and make a better music. It’s all up to the new generation if they wanted to stick or change everything in their perspective.


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