The Wounderful Country: Beautiful and Unique Nepal


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Although the country is relatively small most of its territory is occupied by the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas. Nepal is very beautiful and unique country. Nepal has seen monarchy, internal revolution, democracy, and the massive earthquake. Although Nepal has faced many disasters, this country has always remained beautiful. 

Nepal is known for its exceptional natural beauty, iconic Himalayan ranges, diverse geography, culture and religions, amazing world heritage sites, oldest temple, courageous and brave Gurkha Army, the exquisite hospitality of people, rare and natural herbs, and many more. The most amazing thing about Nepal is unity in diversity. Being a small country, Nepal consists of 4 castes, 36 subcastes, all major religion, three different landscapes(mountainous, hilly and plain), and many more unique things which makes Nepal a world within the world. Nepal has striking altitudinal variation ranging from 59 meters to 88848 meters and is known in the world forhighest lake on the earth, highest valley on earth, and tallest grassland in the world.

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The only tragedy is that many people around the world may not know that such country even exists. As we are talking about the uniqueness of Nepal, nothing can reflect it better than its national flag. In the entire world Nepal has the only non-quadrangular flag. It is made up of two traingular banner stacked one on the top of another also known as fish tailed. Two triangles of the flag symbolize the Himalayas of the country. The flag has crimson red color on the background, which is the national color of Nepal, and deep blue color on the border. 

The crimson red color represents bravery of Nepalese people and blue color on the border represents value of peace and unity. The upper triangle consists of the moon with eight rays and crescent attached below which symbolizes calmness and soothing. The lower triangle consists of the sun with 12 rays which symbolize fierceness and glory of Nepal. Overall the flag represents the hope that Nepal itself will last as long as the sun and the moon exist in the sky. 

Another unique feature of Nepal is its unique way to welcome their guests. ‘Namaste’ is the word used by all Nepalese which can mean Hello, Good Bye, and Thank you. Namaste is done by putting our palms together near our heart, bowing our forehead, and saying ‘Namaste’. It is believed that we all have god inside of us to whom we must show respect and gratitude. So, the simple meaning of Namaste is ‘I salute the God in you’ or ‘The divine in me bows to the divine in you’. By doing Namaste we are offering a positive vibration to the one who is receiving it. Nepal is the only country in the world to worship a living goddess who is called ‘Kumari’. These Kumari are the girls in their pre-pubescent age and selected from a Hindu community. The word ‘Kumari’ means virgin in Nepali and these girls are considered to be the incarnation of Hindu goddess Kali(known as the goddess of power) and goddess Taleju. It is considered privilege to be selected as Kumari but one needs to be fit in certain criteria like sonorous crystal clear voice, long slender arms, dark eyes, Mona Lisa like smile, Black straight hair, etc. Hindu tradition believes that there is goddess living in every female and she created the whole universe. So, Nepali people worship divine female energy in the form of ‘Kumari’. 

 Nepal is the only country with an altitudinal variation which helps to include varieties of biodiversity. Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism, was born in Nepal and Nepal is also a pilgrimage of Buddhist. The ethnic group of Nepal, Newars, and the Buddhists are known as the main contributors for the sculpture of Nepaland who were imported by China ans Tibet to adorn their temples and monasteries. From never being under foreign invasion to having over 80 ethnic groups and 123 languages there are many other facts which makes Nepal so unique and beautiful. Nepali people are very proud and generous. Nepalese have learned to treat their guests as god and respect them. In a nutshell, although there is diversity among the people of Nepal a common thread of unity binds all the Nepalese together.

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