The Young Generation is the Dumbest Generation

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People under the age of 30 are the dumbest generation which is what Mark Bauerlein is trying to get across to his audience. The generation under the age of 30 is one of the smartest and most useful generations to exist because technology gives us endless possibilities, grants us development skills without a teacher, and enhances our ability to problem-solve.

Technology gives us endless possibilities. Inventions are being made every day to help us through our daily lives. In times like these, there are so many different inventions and so many forms of technology. The goal is not to have technology do the work for us but to have a better understanding of something with the assistance of technology. Ito Mizuko says in his article “In the process, young people acquire various forms of technical and media literacy by exploring a new interest, tinkering, and ‘messing around’ with new forms of media. They may start with a Google Search or ‘lurk’ in a chatroom to learn more about their burgeoning interest. Through trial and error. Teens then share their creations and receive feedback from others online. The digital world lowers barriers to self-directed learning” (Mizuko)

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Next, it grants us development skills. For both school and personal purposes If an Individual can’t find an answer on their first try, they will find other methods of getting an answer. This method is what we call trial and error. Where someone has many attempts to find the right answer and will find the answer by altering something from your previous attempt until the problem is corrected. Self-reflecting is important and also a positive attribute that technology teaches students to later use in a career. Mizuko later mentions in his article “New Media allows for a degree of freedom and autonomy for youth that us less apparent in a classroom setting. Youth respect one another’s authority online. Their efforts are also largely self-directed, and the outcome emerges through exploration, in contrast to classroom learning that is oriented towards set, predefined goals” (Mizuko). Information technology (I.T.) has given many students endless chances to learn without the teacher there to walk them through everything. By using technology students won’t need to ask the teacher for information or to re-do a problem. Students tend to learn better when they have an understanding of how to help each other out. This will also give students practice to be responsible to manage how they learn

Technology enhances our ability to think things through and problem solve. They allow individuals to interact with other ways to allow ones’ mind to work efficiently and to their full potential. Technology is meant to be used as a tool to strengthen the current cognitive skills one currently has. Many people would say that too much video games can be bad for you, there have been studies that show the complete opposite. When you’re playing video games it helps your well-being by relieving stress and strengthening cognitive skills. In “Your Brain on Video Games” written by Scholar Steven Johnson talks about the benefits of playing video games. In the article, Johnson states “To understand why games might be good for the mind, begin by shedding the cliché that they are about improving hand-eye coordination and firing virtual weapons. The most popular games are not simply difficult in the sense of challenging manual dexterity” (Johnson) games like “Civilization” are an amazing tool to rehabilitate individuals who are visually impaired. And it will also improve their hand-eye coordination and quick finger reflexes.

In conclusion, technology gives us endless possibilities, grants us development skills without a teacher, and enhances our ability to problem-solve. technology will keep on changing. But it will develop where students and teachers start to benefit from it. Intelligence does not come in a set definition there are so many things someone can be intelligent in because there is no exact way to intelligent. And you boomers need to understand that.

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