Themes of Fate and Freewill in the Story of Macbeth

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In William Shakespeare Macbeth, Macbeth learns about his prophecy and gets excited because he knows he is prophesized to be king. As the story goes on, Macbeth starts to do many things so that he can be king and so that he can remain king. The story Macbeth shows that regardless of how much effort goes into using free will, fate cannot be changed. This is the darkest and deepest tragedy written by Shakespeare in 1600. Macbeth is the story of a king set in Scotland. This story displays the destiny of the King and the consequences which made him fight for his fate. The rise of the King, how he ruled the state, and which ruthless incidents caused downfall, which changed his life. The King, in the quest of power, changes his own destiny. The play displayed various themes and situations which outstand him.

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In Macbeth, Macbeth learns that he will be king and starts to think about his fate Macbeth states,” I go, and it is done: the bell invites me hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell that summons thee to heaven, or hell”. The statement by Macbeth helps the audience recognize that the deed is done, and since King Duncan is dead, Macbeth will not be king early. The reason more this is because of the choices that he made with his freewill, his fate has been affected. Macbeth became merciless to achieve power over others. The prophecy he got from the witches enhance the desire to rule the state and made him a bit ruder towards people. Lady Macbeth also played a vital role in making him the rude and heartless ruler by suggesting him to kill the current ruler as the prophecy claimed him to be the king one day. The power achieved by the evil deed or by harming others cannot bring peace in Macbeth’s life. He was unable to realize it while he was bling to gain power.

The story Macbeth has various themes but fate and freewill that display the incidents and costs in a very detailed way and how the fate of the person can be changed when he decides to be ruthless, but it eventually ends drastically. Macbeth killed Duncan the ruling king and took the throne, but this one evil act leads him to commit many more murders that wracked him with guilt and self-pity. Macbeth achieved this throne by evil deed and prophecy, and that secret of his fate always let him be uneasy and curious. He was curious to know the reality of prophecy. ‘Stands not within the prospect of belief ‘. The quotes which Shakespeare had quoted in the play show that even after achieving all the power over everything there was an element of unease and discomfort which dwell the king into the various strange act which made him the ruthless ruler of his time. The dreadful consequences lead him to change his fate.

Macbeth, in this play, was treated like a puppet by Lady Macbeth and the three witches. The three witches and Lady Macbeth decided his fate. He killed Duncan and harmed other people in order to be the most powerful king, but this eventually takes the piece of his mind away, and the flashback on his mind that why he was forced to commit that crime. These events shattered his mental peace and pace of his heart. He was constantly uneasy and unhappy about the unplanned killing of King Duncan which he was thinking about in his head all the time. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth both were affected by Macbeth killing king Duncan. They misused their powers. Macbeth was regretting his mistakes. ‘False face must hide what the false heart doth know”. The quotes display the grief and sorrow in the king’s heart, and the emotional effect on him and his wife made them, and they lost their senses eventually. They end up losing their senses. The power ends in a great tragedy.

Macbeth, by Shakespeare, is the mixture of fate and free-will. The story clearly displays the situation where a man who is having all the cleverness and physical power still isn’t strong enough to decide his own fate. He was not able to ignore the people who were using him for their own good or benefits. He was not brave enough to decide what he want to do with his life and how he is supposed to reach the points he has set in his mind. Macbeth dwells into manipulation by his wide and couldn’t decide what he wants to do. This play displays the emotional tragedy of how the desire to achieve power can lead his to end our life drastically. The unwanted desires can cause anger and disasters in the lives of the people and destroy the peace of mind and take away the sanity of life. This story is the visual representation of fate and free-will. A person should be brave enough to make the choices for their self and don’t destroy their fate as the character destroyed his in the play. 

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