Theodore Roosevelt and His New Deal Helped Americans During the Great Depression

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“My mother would find a few pennies and we would go to the greengrocer and wait until she threw out the stuff that was beginning to rot… Then we would go to the butcher and beg a marrow bone-(Document).” The Great Depression presented several problems that were too heavy on citizens’ shoulders. President Roosevelt would then create the New Deal to ease their suffering. It would not cure the Depression but come to people’s aid. Three of these programs helped the unemployed, the environment, and prevented another tragic depression.

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Thousands of people would be looking for jobs or just unemployed in the 1930s. This changed once President Roosevelt stepped in and took action. He immediately started his work to help the Depression with programs. Many of these programs invented jobs that would help the unemployed work. Some were specifically made for young adults to work and help their family. For example, the CCC or the Civilian Conservation Corps would employ men on public work projects.

The NYA also is known as the National Youth Administration provided part-time jobs for needy students from the ages 16-25. These are only a few of many that contributed to the nation’s recovery. “It got the necessary work done. It gave teenagers a chance to work for pay… It gave my mother relief from my necessary demands of money.” This support would give many people a purpose and helped millions of people from anguish.

The environment changed dramatically in the Great Depression both in a physical and mental state. The Dust Bowl of the 1930s greatly influenced and was a cause of this as well. This event was an intense storm and drought that wiped out the crops that were meant to feed families. Not only were crops demolished, but so were millions of acres lost and livestock killed. This left about half a million people homeless and looking for food. President Franklin Roosevelt helped with the New Deal and within this, programs to help clean up the disaster that crossed the Dust Bowls path. Programs such as the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and the SCS (Soil Conservation Service) were introduced. These not only cleaned up the environment but gave people jobs. The SCS would promote the control and prevention of soil erosion. Employees would plant 220 million trees which would help stop the disaster from coming back. “Congress swiftly enacted and ambitious “New Deal” to deliver relief to the unemployed and those in danger of losing farms and homes-(” People came together during these dark times and fought back to regain their confidence and take their lives back.

This Great Depression was one of the greatest in history and was made sure that anything like this wouldn’t take place again. The New Deal and FDR did everything they could to ensure this. For example, bank reform was a huge help and was quickly addressed. As soon as Roosevelt came into the presidency, one of the first changes he made immediately was to shut down all the banks that were causing problems and were experiencing them. This was one of many ways he tried to help citizens to not keep losing their savings. Recover, relief, and reform was a big part of his help. Many of his programs sought to make these changes.

The Social Security Act was a very important program that provided financial security and aid to the unemployed, elderly, disabled, and dependent mothers with children. This would give pensions and survivor’s insurance. “Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a wide number of programs to aid in the nation’s recovery after he assumed office in 1933 (Document 10).” This recovery was invented so as not to have another Depression and help needy Americans.

FDR’s decision and the presidency, in general, were greatly important and forever changed the role of the federal government. They were neglecting and non-interventive. With his help towards unemployed, the environment, and prevention of another depression he was able to make better of the situation. He will always be remembered as the president who stepped up during immense diversities.

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