Theodore Roosevelt as a Model President

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President Theodore Roosevelt was the type of President where he wanted better for everyone. He wanted a better ran country. And he wanted to be the one to do that. He formed new Acts, he set a new expectation for other Presidents. He might have been a Modern President but he was also a modern person. And a great one at that.

Theodore Roosevelt is and was considered "America's first modern president" But what does this mean? Would it not be that every president was a modern president than before? In a way they did but with Theodore Roosevelt, he helped guide America into a time period where we developed and changed for the better. He was a very strong man who guided us in the right direction. The direction of change. And who knows where we would have ended up without his modern ways.

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Theodore Roosevelt was a strong-willed man. He did not take any nonsense from anybody. If he says he was there for the people. Just like when the coal miners went on strike for a better wage, so more pay, and for safer working conditions. Theodore Roosevelt did not get involved at first, but then saw that nothing was changing. No one was coming to a conclusion. So, he had union leaders, and the coal owners come to Washington and ask them to efficiently resolve their issues.

When he did this, the union leaders wanted a third view to come in and voice an opinion to help them resolve the issue. When they came back from monitoring the conditions and pay, they finally came to a conclusion. Theodore Roosevelt did not get involved heavily. He only helped guide them in a way that would help everyone be happy and have people get back to work. He was there for the workers and wanted to help them. It might not seem like it. But he could have told the workers to get back to work or they are fired or even side with the owners and businessmen. But he tried to make everyone happy, especially the workers.

Theodore Roosevelt educated every person into wanting something greater for themselves and for their family. He pushed individuality and how to rely less on the government. He let everyone know that the government was there to help us, not that we are there to help the government. The government is there to protect us from danger. We should be our own priority. And we should be our own boss. We can speak up if we did not like anything. Theodore Roosevelt did. He did not accept anyone telling him what to do or anyone pushing him to do something. He wanted better for us, the people because we make up the United States, not the government. One protection of Individuality was the "Square Deal", the "Three C's" This was about, conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. He wanted to control higher people and businesses and protect the lower class. He was here to lead us into a new era where we could be free. Not only from other countries but be free from our own business and our own agendas. He wanted all of us to fight for our own well being. He fought for our individuality. And he wanted us to fight for it too.

In the square deal act, President Roosevelt had three C's - conservation, control, and consumer. This came to the conclusion of 6 different acts, the Newlands Act which brought irrigation to the west to bring wildlife. The Elkins Act which made railroads not be able to favor certain businesses and be fair to farmers, just make things equal for everyone. The Antiquities Act allows presidents to declare lands as landmarks. The Pure Food and Drug Act prohibited the misbranded and messed with food, drinks, and drugs to be distributed. The Meat Inspection Act had federal agents look into the meat butcheries and make sure everything is up to code. And the Hepburn Act made railways be fair to people at the railways, so no free passes to friends and family. These acts covered all of the three C's. He wanted to protect the consumers by putting in place the, "Pure Food and Drug Act" and the "Meat Inspection Act" into place. Control of Corporations made the "Hepburn Act", "Elkins Act". And The Conservation of Natural Resources was the "Newlands Act" and "Antiquities Act" (Texas Gateway).

Theodore Roosevelt was a no-nonsense type of man. He did what he thought was right. He wanted to protect the people and all of the wildlife creatures, especially birds. But he wanted to be fair to everyone and give every person a chance. He wanted equality, but he did pay attention to the lower class. He wanted everyone to be at peace with working and have a fair work-life and get paid for doing a well-done job.

President Theodore Roosevelt was a model president. He was a man who wanted everything to be equal, he wanted industrialization, he wanted things to better for the American people. He shaped the Presidency for all others to come. Theodore Roosevelt did not take any nonsense from everyone, but he did have a soft spot for somethings. Of course the well fair for the American people but also for wildlife. He was a big game hunter, but he loved birds and wanted a place where they can go and be free. But a place where their natural beauty can be recognized.

Roosevelt made many things possible with his can-do attitude and his love for his country and the people in it. He was a perfect president for his time, a Model President.

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