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Theological Motives in the Book of Acts

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One of the most important theological motives in the Book of Acts, it seems to me, is that of repentance before the assumption of the spirit before the rebirth of an individual’s soul.

In reality, the rebirth of the economy is based on the same concept: the repentance of the community, preceded by the blessing of the Holy Spirit of God in this community, which entails an awakening in the culture of the community. Awakening is based on repentance. But what is remorse besides assuming responsibility? In the first place, they possess our own personal sin.

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The difference between someone who can abuse someone who abuses him assumes responsibility. The perpetrator avoids responsibility at every turn and at any cost, and it is controversial that you really believe that you cannot be responsible for the abuse or if you intentionally kidnap any charges against you. The first is proof of spiritual deception. The latter is evidence of a sociopath.

Well, rounded awareness gets negative feedback and weighs on the truth, though it hurts because negative feedback is usually bad, and because negative feedback is usually well understood. But the conscience damaged, the conscience burnt, lost the ability of introspection, or simply insists not to go there.

The easiest way to say this is: the most obvious indicator of an uncomfortable person is their inability to take responsibility. If the blame is blaming others for things that only have control, there is a big problem. If this attitude is not addressed, if there is no hope of repentance, it is only a matter of time before they become problems and others with it.

Relationships fail because of lack of accountability.

Dangerous people are not responsible.

Safe people, on the other hand, go humbly with God, receptive to negative feedback.

I know there were times when I was weak, where I was apt to resist and sometimes reject negative comments, and it always hurt me, others and relationships in sight. Nothing good comes from a party or they both refuse to take responsibility.

The fundamental task of life is to recognize well what we are responsible for and assume this responsibility.

Taking responsibility is the decree of God for our lives because the relationship is the imperative of our life.

Sometimes we can take too much responsibility, and as long as you don’t Activate an unstable person with whom we are in the relationship (who does not assume their responsibility well), usually does not cause a lot of damage, and in general is very good for us because God sees the Umi In a person who lives for peace and blesses them to love others.

But to assume too much responsibility, if the uncertainty cannot or will not accept, propagative only the model of codependence and abuse. The reason asks him to break.

Repentance, we must know, it is not a single event. Nor is salvation, for there is a fruit attached. The sign that we are saved in the Kingdom of God is the fruit we carry. There must be signs of repentance and fertility going on.

There must be signs of a durable ability to respond well to our lives.

And the blessing we receive when we take responsibility is to control everything we can control and control everything beyond our control. And this is wisdom. What distinguishes those who are responsible? The ability to be honest. Responsibility is the ability to respond appropriately to the truth.


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