Theory of the Systematic Self

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The self has become the subject of different philosopher to be able to understand one self. According to Sigmund Freud, the mind is consists of three levels which are the conscious, preconscious and the unconscious mind. It is stated that the conscious mind is consists of the present thoughts, the preconscious mind are the memories and the unconscious mind is composed of the causes of the behavior done by the self. On the other hand, Thomas Aquinas stated that we do not encounter ourselves as an isolated mind or selves but an agent interacting with our environment. Another philosopher named Plato, divides the self into three distinct elements which are the physical appetite or biological and physiological needs, reason or logical and rational thinking and the spirit or basic emotions.Based on different perspectives, the theory of the systematic self has been made. It shows that the self has two faces which are the unconscious and conscious self.

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The unconscious self is the sleeping self. Being defined as the sleeping one, it can move and make actions but it is not aware of what it was doing just like a newborn who knows nothing after birth. On the other hand, the conscious self is the awake one which knows the happening around it, including the memories in the past. The conscious self is composed of emotions and behaviors. Emotions are defined as the feelings of the self while the behaviors are the actions done by the self based on its feelings. Both are inactive and can only be activated by the external factors that surround the self. The self is a being which lives in a systematic way. The process involved in the self is just like the process happening in the body when reacting to changes. This process works as the external factors affect the self to activate an emotion that will decide what will its behavior be. The external forces such as people, events and different circumstances play the role of the stimulus which triggers the self to have an emotion. This emotion will become the messenger and the control center of the self that decide what will be its response. This response is called behavior.Every person experienced a sudden change of emotion because of the environment which leads to action or behavior. For instance, a freshmen college student who is still adjusting to his environment.

There are lot of challenges that the environment gives him such as peer pressure, the teaching strategy of the professor which is hard to understand and how to interact with other people without being rejected or ignored. These situations cause disappointment and sadness to a person which leads to being silent and nervous all the time, yet these feelings can be reverse into positive one so that the behavior of the student will also become positive. This can happen also to nurses as they serve people by saving their lives not just in the hospital setting but in different parts of the world. By serving, they will be meeting different kinds of people in different circumstances. People tend to have mood swings when they are sick and become irritated easily. Although there are times that negativity conquers the feelings of the nurses, they balanced their emotion leading them to have patience and to understand the situation. But most of all, this theory is applicable to everyone because each of them can be affected by the environment regardless of gender, age and other distinction. A person who is just passing by accidentally bumps into someone and a coffee was spilled in her dress.

Because of this situation, the emotion of the person changes from nothing to being mad and shout at the person who bumped her unintentionally. This shows that even a simple unexpected happening may affect and change the emotion and behavior of the person.The self should always think that in every emotion expressed, there is an equivalent behavior. Therefore, if the emotion is positive then the behavior is also positive but if the emotion is negative, the behavior is also negative. This is where the problem will occur as negative behaviors leads to negative results such as fighting, loss of mutual respect, etc. The self should have a hold in itself because these emotions and behaviors might get out of control. For the self to become better, it must know how to fight back the negative emotions and behaviors. The key to defeat these negativities is to have an internal foundation of happiness and positivity in life. This optimism makes the self look to the brighter side even if it is surrounded by darkness. This will help the self to stand stronger, to be stable, free from roller coaster emotions and free from negativity.

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