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When I first was looking around trying to find a topic from the Viewpoints textbook, I was baffled. I finally came upon a short, sweet poem that captured my attention. After reading the poem, it got me wondering and questioning many things in life. The main thesis that changed my perspective is freedom, following your goals and dreams, and to never give up on yourself. There were a variety of literary devices that corresponded with this thesis. Phrases used like “willed myself to fly” portray one’s goal of escaping their current circumstances and reaching for higher goals. Goals are what move us forward in life. They are the considered the oxygen to our dreams. If we didn’t have goals, there would be no steps to every journey we take. It’s very important that one realizes the significance and importance of reaching your goals and applying this knowledge in life. The ending of the poem caught my attention, as it portrayed a euphonious sound to the reader’s ears. These sounds appear to be the person’s place of desire, resulting in finally reaching his final destination.

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I then thought about freedom because of the use of imagery that was strongly portrayed through a variation of words such as fly, flutes and window. I was able to form vivid visual images within my mind about freedom. The poem used the person’s home to help the reader imagine the life he lived feeling trapped at home. Freedom is important, because to be free is human nature, and we are only happy when we are free. Nature gave us the abilities to pick up survival skills so that we can live an independent life and be free to live the life that would make us happy. We are happy when we can explore life, inquire and create out of our own free will.The window in this poem is a metaphor for a gateway through which the man finally enters into freedom.

The thesis leads to arguments such as how we tend to not believe in ourselves and are not capable of doing things. There are numerous positives things about each and every person. However, every now and then when we tend to lose motivation quick. It is important that we remind ourselves of the potential we have. Always keep in mind that to taste success you are always faced with temporary defeat. If you give up at these defeats you will fail, but if you keep going you will become successful. In the 21st century, the definition of freedom was tied to what was going on in the wider world. During this time, there was a handful of defining movements towards emerging democracies around the world from leaders like Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela fought for racism and inequality. He taught us you can do anything you put your mind to and to always believe in yourself. In conclusion, this perfectly ties in with my thesis about taking risks, true freedom, and to pursue your goals and dreams.

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