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Things that must be avoided in the bedroom

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The bedroom should be a place of happiness and rest. After a long day’s work, couples look forward to sharing some intimate bedroom moments. Establishing the right bedroom attitude can help strengthen your bond and make you a happier couple. The bedroom is strictly a place for sleeping, sex and healthy conversations. However, there are some habits that must never be done in the bedroom as it may end up turning the bedroom into a warzone or killing the sparks in a relationship.

  1. Bedtime is no time for settlement. Trying to address heavy subjects especially those you disagree on at the end of the day when you are both tired and short on patience is not smart. It is true there is a saying that couples should never go to bed angry. Sleeping one night angry will not destroy your relationship but airing your anger and resentment can turn the bed into a court room for pleasing guilty or not and if it escalated, it could lead to one partner withholding sex as a punishment. If there are issues that must be addressed, please address them in another room before going into your bedroom together. Do not associate your bedroom with negative experiences.
  2. Do not bring your stressed up day to bed. Yeah it is true it is the only time you may have to talk about an annoying boss or a terrible experience. The more you talk about the stresses of the day, the more it affects your mood and stresses the brain. Once the brain is stressed out, experiencing arousal is difficult. Whatever issues you had during the day should be discussed before bedtime and not on bed. Detach from the events of the day during bedtime and tune in instead time with your partner.
  3. Drop that phone. Bedtime should be for sex, chats with your partner or sleep. It is not a moment to reply emails or chat with friends or catch up with events online or even receive calls. It can be a mood killer especially when it happens when your partner is trying to be all sexy and romantic with you. It disrupts the rhythm and momentum during sex and it also feel like they are not your priority or perhaps they may just be doing something wrong.
  4. Do not criticize. We are all created in different shapes and sizes and in our imperfections lie our perfections. During bedtime, some couples are not comfortable going totally naked to avoid partner criticizing their body. Whether the boobs are not firm enough or the make genitals are not big enough, do not make comments about it as it affects self esteem. When a woman is not comfortable in her body, it affects her sexual performance. It Is your duty to love your partner the way he or she is and it is also your duty to make each other feel sexy and comfortable in your bodies.
  5. Forget about your ex. The bedroom moment is never a time to compare your partner with an ex or talk about an ex’s sexual prowess. There is a reason they are an “ex” not a present. People’s sexual taste are different and people’s sexual skills are different. What worked with your ex must not work with your current partner. Do not kill the vibes in the room. See your partner as a Christmas gift that is to be unwrapped by you and have fun exploring it as you unwrap. Spend enough time on foreplay as it will help your bodies understand each other body and learn to satisfy each other better.
  6. Do not be shy to teach your partner how to please you. You don’t need to fake it to please your partner when you actually feel irritated with what they were doing or wasn’t just feeling it at all. Let them know what they are doing right. Do not be afraid to talk about things that can drive you wild. He or she is your partner and a partner who loves you will surely listen and seek to please you. Share your fantasies and make your bed, a discovery channel.

Here you have it, bedtime should be special for couples. Avoiding the above mentioned will make the bedtime moment, a special moment to always look forward to.

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