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You wake up at 7:00 am, cut your foot on the way into the shower, run out of toothpaste and get to school late. So far, you’ve had a really bad morning. But no you haven’t. You woke up breathing, with a roof over your head and you have enough clean, running water to take a shower in. You may not have realized it, but you took that whole morning for granted. Good morning/ afternoon teachers, judges and students. Let’s be real none of us are perfect and we all have taken something for granted. Let’s face it we take everything for granted, our homes, food, freedom, and especially our families.

Only about 70% of children in Canada have either one or both of their parents, still in their lives. In fact, more children live alone than with a father figure. In a country like ours, we always expect our mother to come back from the grocery store once she leaves. But how about the children in Afghanistan who thought the same thing but little did they know that there was going to be a bombing in that same store. Another thing we take for granted is technology.

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Back in the day, once our grandparents got home from school, they had to walk to the garage and actually put the key in the hole and lift it. I know they must have been in so much pain. How many of you go home turn on your t.v., open your laptop and turn on your phone all at the same time? By doing this you are just contributing to the 25 million people in Canada who spend eight hours on technology in 80% of households in developed countries. There are countries in the world that are suffering because they can’t afford technology because it can provide them with education for fighting, schools, health care, and more.

Everyone knows what memory is, but no one realizes how much of it we take for granted. For example, long-term memory is the place where all of our permanent memories are stored. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to remember something as simple as your name. Sensory memory is when you can see a trail from a moving object, like waving your hand. Without memory, we would all be like millions of little Dorys walking around the world. As you can imagine this would not be good.

As you may know, different people take different things for granted. For example, if you compare a child like us to someone who is a child soldier. Children like us live in the moment and have no idea that 300 00 child soldiers work as child shields, spies, suicide bombers, child prostitutes, and more. These children once had a normal life and would give anything to live in our shoes, which we take for granted.

Another good comparison would be with people like you and me compared to people who live in poverty. 80% of people in poverty only get paid $10 a day while Canadians get paid more than $10 an hour. There are about 25 million people in Canada who use cars for transportation. On the other hand, most people and poverty can’t afford a bus ticket let alone enough food.

People like Beyonce and Madonna know that they are never going to be in debt because they get paid up to $100 000 for lip-syncing at a concert. Children in the world are working in child labor for about 12 hours a day and get paid 20 cents. People who are known worldwide, don’t realize how good they have it especially compared to children living in poverty.

People can run their relationships with friends through technology because people are reading what you send and post the way they see it. People are using things like emojis and happy picture posts to cover up their feelings, which causes them to be totally different people in reality. Before you know it the friend you took for granted is gone.

Another example is ruining the world because we. We cut down about 8 million trees a year! Scientists predict that we’re going to run out of trees in the next three hundred years. There are only about 20 years left until greenhouse gasses will be trapped in the earth’s atmosphere which means it could be dangerous to even go outside.

Taking things for granted is not only not realizing what you have and always expecting it to be there, which can actually ruin your life. Everyone takes health for granted and thinks that they’re not going to be the one getting hurt until they’re one of the 10 million people who are unprepared for a health injury. That’s until walking is a thing of the past because using crutching and a wheelchair is the only way to improve your health.

Being Catholic means that we should be more thankful for and we should know better than to take things for granted, yet we still do it. In one hundred years who knows what this world is going to look like, and that’s when people are going to realize what they have done. Appreciate what you have, until it turns into something you had.  

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