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Thinking Spatially & Perspectives on Population

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I currently reside in Macomb, Michigan with my parents and two brothers. Macomb is located in the state of Michigan, which is found in the United States in the Western Hemisphere. Macomb is a township located in the South-eastern portion of the state of Michigan. The exact coordinates of Macomb Township are 42. 6652°N, 82. 9286°W. Macomb is known as suburb of Detroit, being only 33. 9 miles North of Detroit. The capital of Michigan is Lansing, located about 111 miles West of Macomb Township.

Despite my parents choosing to reside in this location before I was even born, Macomb’s unique qualities and history are part of the reason I’m proud to be a Macomb Township resident. (2) Unfortunately, my parents were not around to see Macomb in its prime when they made the decision to reside there. The Clinton River, an 83-mile river that runs through Macomb, provided a great source of arable land for the early 19th Century founders of Macomb Township. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Macomb played an important role in the lumber and logging industry. Romeo Plank, a major road in Macomb and the road I live off of, was actually used as a transportation route for logs being sent to sawmills. Ultimately, my parents chose to live in Macomb due to its location and everything the township had to offer for a young family. Macomb Township is right in the heart of several other cities located in the state of Michigan. All these cities provide unique schooling, landmarks, attractions, and neighborhoods. Since Macomb is right in the middle, my family had the opportunity to choose which school district they wanted, what attractions they were near, and several other things like available jobs and local colleges.

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Everyone in my immediate family has attended a university no more than 100 miles away from Macomb. (3) The perspective that makes the most sense to me for population is the Liberal economics perspective. Liberal economics stresses the idea that population growth is a positive thing for mankind. In 2017, Macomb had the second highest population when being compared to the 6 cities around it. 85,196 residents is an impressive number, especially due to the fact that the population of Macomb is still growing. New subdivisions and apartment complexes are being built constantly in order to meet the demands of new perspective residents. Personally, I have noticed Macomb becoming more advanced and modern in things like transportation, housing, and schooling. Since there has been an immense increase in population since I was born in Macomb, I can only assume that these new advances are due to the flood of people moving to Macomb, making it an ultimately more advanced city all together. (4) In today’s economy, it’s easy for individuals to have a more Neo-Malthusianism perspective. However, I would argue the exact opposite by saying that population growth is a positive thing for the world. As Press, 2018 argues, “the interrelationship between community discourses and belonging is perhaps best described by what groups do to support greater levels of social cohesion. These practices promote community networks that are effective in bringing people together” (Press, 2018). The authors of this article are arguing that a Liberal economy is effective in bringing a community together, so it can ultimately flourish as one. I would agree with this perspective, especially in Macomb, because as the population rises, I notice new technologies and advancements rising. Not only is this a positive thing in the aspect that we, as a community, are becoming more advanced, but also that the people in the community are overall happier with all these new advancements.

The authors argue that the recent obsession with individualization and self-interest is threatening to the people. The authors see this kind of thinking as a threat to the idea of “belonging” and working as a group to be successful (Press, 2018). By following the Liberal Economics perspective, everyone works together in a community to flourish, not compete against one another. ReferencesMacomb Township, Michigan. (2018, September 19).


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