Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review

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Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review

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This essay is about a novel titled Thirteen Reasons Why book review based on how a teenage girl named Hannah Baker was in high school and suddenly took her own life while go through Psychological disorders like, depression, anxiety based on how she felt about herself when she was searching for help but there was no one to help her to overcome this issues in life, she was going through issues while she in high school. In this essay I will stated the Thirteens Reasons which made her to commit suicide and those people who contributed to the reasons of her death.

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Clay Jensen, is one of the shy student in the high school where Hannah attended he was described as the “perfect guy”. One day as he was returning from school back home, Clay receives a package in front of his door step. In the package that Clay founded where seven tapes and a map by Hannah Baker.

Before Hannah died she had recorded tapes for thirteen reasons why she had decided to commit suicide. Her instruction in the tape was like a chain message to pass the tape now down if you finish listening to it pass to the next which in the list (Hughes, K., n.d.).


The first reason why Hannah had committed suicide was Justina Foley, who was one of the student in the high school Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis had attended. Hannah, Jessica and Alex where new in the school dough they all hang around together but Hannah didn’t label them as her friends. However, Justin Foley was Hannah first kiss during their fresh men year in high school. Justin overstated the kiss he had with Hannah, spreading rumors that Hannah and him didn’t just had only kiss but was more than a kiss, this rumors painted a bad image to Hannah in the school (Stewart, 2016).

The Second reason to Hannah’s death was Alex Standall, who was also a new student in the school. During their fresh men Alex had collected all of Hannah’s fresh men records which he describes Hannah as got the best ass in their fresh men class. After that incident in school with Alex, she was assault by a boy in a Candy shop, this made her to lack confident in herself and also she was called as a slut because incident in the shop (Stewart, 2016).

The third reason to Hannah’s death was Jessica Davis who was Hannah’s class mate in their fresh men year in high school. Jessica and Alex had gone into relationship but Alex chose Hannah over Jessica, this made Jessica got jealous of Hannah and started to bring up the rumors about Hannah was being a slut (Stewart, 2016).

The fourth reason to Hannah’s death was Tyler Down was known as the school professional photographer, one night he walks to Hannah’s house to give her photos that he took during a photoshoot while he was near Hannah’s house he saw Hannah was talking with a boy so he hides beside the flower garden to see who was with her. After the boy left Hannah went into the house and was sexting with a friend and Tyler was peeping through the window to see what she was doing so, he took out his camera and started to taking pictures of her (Stewart, 2016).

Fifth reason to Hannah’s death was Courtney Crimsen, a girl that Hannah likes her personality. Hannah clarifies the event with Tyler peeping through the windows. However, Hannah felt that she was unnoticed by Courtney Crimsen. Even she invited Hannah to a party but Hannah was not satisfied with it her feeling of being ignored by Courtney. After that party Hannah had found out that Courtney had been spreading rumors of her (Stewart, 2016).

Sixth reason to Hannah’s death was Marcus Cooley who was Hannah’s valentines in school, on that valentine Hannah had planned for their ice cream but he turned up late for it, and she explains also that she was sexual assaulted by Marcus in the restaurant they had met for diner (Stewart, 2016).

Seventh reason to Hannah’s death was Zach Dempsey he was in peer communication class with her. After Hannah was assaulted during the diner Zach had comforted her which made her feeling a bit better but later she found out that Zach was picking letters out of her bag which made her feeling more and more depressed, she even attempts to suicide but no one was border about it (Stewart, 2016).

Eighth reason to Hannah’s death is Ryan Shaver, was in poetry class with Hannah while she was suffering from depression she wrote poem about her feelings. Ryan and Hannah shared their poems together without realizing that Ryan would publish those poems in his Magazine. Later Hannah find out that some of her poems where published by Ryan this made her felt more and more depressed (Stewart, 2016).

Ninth reason to Hannah’s death is Clay Jensen, Hannah had clarified that Clay was innocent his name shouldn’t be in the list. She describes the personality of Clay was a nice boy. She adds they were in a party together both of them got along to know each other better, she had wished that she should have known Clay long time. But it was too late Hannah was planning her death (Stewart, 2016).

Tenth reason to Hannah’s death Justin Foley again. One night during a party at Justin place where Hannah had also attended the party, she saw Justin allowed his drunk friends into a room where an unconscious girl laying and they raped her. She did not call the name of who did rape that girl but she blames Justin for allowing the boy in the room at the first place (Stewart, 2016).

Eleventh reason to Hannah’s death Jenny Kurtz. A girl who gave a ride to Hannah home after party and bumped into a sign post. Later that a car crashed at the same place a senior of Hannah in the high was killed in the car accident. On his funeral day Hannah was also thinking of her own funeral (Stewart, 2016).

Twelfth reason to Hannah’s death Bryce Walker who sexually harassed Hannah during the party in hot tub before she left with Jenny Kurtz for home. Also in this they she explains on how she plans to commit suicide (Stewart, 2016).

Thirteenth reason to her death was to her guidance office in her high school Mr. Porter was an English teacher in the high school and also filled in as guidance teacher to Hannah’s class. Hannah went to him with her problems but he couldn’t help her. Which Mr. Porter also contributed to her death if he was able to help this wouldn’t have happened to her (Stewart, 2016).


After writing this summary of thirteen reason why I have found out that everything and anything round us and in this world happens for a reason, and Hannah committed suicide because she has its reason for doing such actions like this. If you put yourself into Hannah’s shoe’s, you’ll know how much pain she had being through as teenage while in high school. Jay Asher wrote and shared this to us because he doesn’t want see what had happened to Hannah would happened to anyone who is suffering from depressing you must consult a counselor or guidance officer for help so that we can save lives and not loose lives. In these novel Hannah Baker share here story with us that how she experienced life in high school where many of face this challenges in life. She shares her story because she doesn’t want anyone would end up life her taking their own life (Hughes, K., n.d.).

All throughout the story the author signifies and point of key areas that affect her emotionally, this maybe an eye opener to some of us to see that her search for reasons were based on her own desire ending her own life. It in human nature that we look for reason to hide our guilt from some wrong doing we have done to look for solution to sort ourselves out but Hannah didn’t consider that but her only solution to the problem was to end her own life (Commonsense Media, 2018).

This novel is portraying or telling us that we shouldn’t see one of us do the same as Hannah did we should help them to look for solution so that they can overcome the feeling in them regardless of any circumstances in life they face or should advise them to see a guidance officer or a counselor nearby to seek assistance from them rather than letting suffering from anxiety and just to end up like Hannah did by taking away a young innocent life (Commonsense Media, 2018).

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