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The quality of information that society believes to spread criminal activity, involves drugs and abuse of drugs is unpleasantly high regardless of the charges and lengthened jail term that is often enforced on such offences. Marijuana is well-known and ongoing controversial topic that is still being debated about in today’s modern society. Although the many claims that have been made throughout history is in regards to cannabis, the certainties about the drug itself is slowing start to reignite in topics. Sadly to say, the facts that are now encountered are criticized heavily due to the perception of our society has on the stereotype of the everyday “Marijuana pot smoker”. The misconstrued American is seen as slothful and lethargic resulted in many decades of statistics and misrepresentation that is usually advertised by privately owned groups who profit from cannabis being illegal for recreational usage. The purposes of tackling this topic will strive to mirror on the good sense of legalize medical marijuana and the benefits it can offer.

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The long and complicated history of medical marijuana has assumed a greater role in our society for quite some time. In order to really grasp the advantages and disadvantages, you must first understand its historical background. Its past has experience times of evolution and progression as well as panic and conflict. Even though it is appreciative to know the history, the plant itself is the main point that should be emphasized for its purpose. Medical marijuana given many nicknames that have been generated over the years such as kush, loud, and Mary Jane. When consumed or smoked, the plant can cause an outer body experiences and uncontrolled changes that can cloud your judgement; this is referred to as being “high”.

Medical marijuana usage is a discovery that was made a long time ago. As a matter of fact, the beneficial use is in documentation that has been reported back to the ages of Ancient Greek and Roman culture. The potent aromatic plant and was used for a variety disorders treating seizures, range of motion complications, and sickness. It provides the pain reliefs that help patients with developed cancers and has a strong natural chemical substance that improves hunger for patients that suffer human immunodeficiency viruses or immunodeficiency syndromes dealing with tragic starvation symptoms. Presently, specialists in the medical setting still support the plant because of the medicinal benefits it still provides to patients health and aid. There are a lot of medical professionals than actual consumers that are highly favored of having marijuana legal for medicinal use. Studies have shown on several platforms that medical marijuana do not pose any safety related problems, claims have been made that the plant itself is very useful for many medical related issues that has many health benefits (Merino, 2015). Nonetheless, arguments are still at a high rise because of studies that have been conducted doing not fully agree with each other terms.

Conferring to Charlotte Gary’s article, the author’s opinion expresses the benefits and drawbacks that have been brought to attention on the matter of topic about medicinal marijuana. The importance of legalizing medical marijuana and the level of risks is represented by looking at the topic in three different positions; the consumer can be more educated about what is at stake if the drug were to be legal. It is said to be true that the plant possess many different qualities that can be provided for human health but can be overused by the wrong people, this can be the result in abuse of the plant leading to hazardous unwanted symptoms. Even though the use of medical marijuana can be an essential way to provide patients with treatment, the legalization of medical marijuana can also reduce the abuse by younger generations that have developed a habitual use for the plant. The author’s words point out the actuality of the topic. As of right now if marijuana continues to be considered as an illegal substance, people with the need for its medicinal purpose will experience the consequences of not having it at hand and the plant will eventually be too expensive for purchase (Gary, pp. 374). Fortunately, the law for possession of marijuana has been lightened for consumers by authorities. Assessing the different aspects can help choose which side can be more important than the other and which is the best avenue of approach to take.

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