Thomas Jefferson as a Well Known Man Amongst History

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Thomas Jefferson was a well known man amongst history. He was a number of things such as, a diplomat, a politician, a philosopher, and of course a President. Jefferson was the third president of the USA or just America at the time, he was a ‘Founding Father’ of the land and helped create our modern day life. Many people believe Jefferson was a hypocrite and I agree with some aspects. Thomas seemed to be a morally grey figure who could be considered a hypocrite, but was also considered a “good man.” In my belief, Thomas Jefferson was in fact a hypocrite.

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The future president was born at the Shadwell Plantation April 13, 1743. He was born into one of Virginia’s most prominent and wealthiest families, his Mother was apart of the ‘Randolph Clan’ which was a very well known name at the time Thomas Jefferson was a man who supported democracy, he supported his country and only wanted the best for it as he wanted to see America become something great he wanted to be like Britain, but far better and less suppressive. Jefferson was a ‘scholar’ and seemed to be a well educated and intelligent man. He seemed to be an honest and overall man of his word, but there is some forms of evidence to contradict this from his letters. Jefferson was a man with power and wealth able to do many things, while Jefferson wasn’t a perfect person and he was called a “problematic and paradoxical hero” as he seemed to try to do things for the greater good, even if he strongly disagreed with many of the things he did, he was almost “forced” to do some of his decisions.

Jefferson claimed several times in his letters and laws he made “all men are equal” and he later made a law on prohibiting importation of slaves, but he himself owned over 600 slaves, seeming that he used them quite often. It was said that Jefferson did use slaves quite often for many tasks and used them as workers. He did treat his slaves better than most unlike most slave owners, he let them have Sundays off, gave them more time off during winter, and let them off on holidays. Thomas was sometimes called “racist” but that isn’t entirely true, Jefferson had an affair with a woman. Her name was Sally Hemings, she was a slave on his plantation and she worked quite hard, he and her seemed to have an intimate relationship and there seems to be evidence Jefferson had at least one child, but it is believed they also had six children in total together.

In my personal belief, Jefferson was definitely a hypocrite, but he wasn’t too large of one. He was honest for some things and he would do some of the hypocritical things for the greater good. But nonetheless Jefferson was a guaranteed hypocrite, whether he was good or bad doesn’t change the fact he was one. I doubt Jefferson was racist and a bad man, but then again not everything he did was documented and away from people he could have been a lot worse, from what it seems he could somewhat be considered to be a “good man.” Thomas Jefferson was in fact a hypocrite. If you do not believe me, perhaps conduct your own research to make your own decisions!

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