Threat Or Benefit: How Immigrants Help the Economy

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What is an American? An American is someone who loves their country and the people in it, and believes in bettering their own lives as well as the lives of those around them. Does it really matter that these individuals may be of German or Chinese descent? No, not at all; their ethnic background has nothing to do with being American. To say that the majority of people in the United States have some sort of tie with an ethnic background from a different country would be a safe assumption. This is what makes our American Culture unique. Immigrants bring to our country strong family structures and strong morals. Foreigners also help our economy prosper . Immigrants are what help make America be America; by being a multicultural society standing united.

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In today's American society it is not uncommon for their to be families broken up by divorce or other domestic disturbances. However, immigrants seem to have much more stronger family values. For many immigrants, family comes first over everything; for many of them family is all they have. This is especially true of traditional developing societies. Many of these newcomers have strong traditions and beliefs wich are strict and are instilled in their children. By immigrants coming to America with these type of beliefs and strong traditions it sets good examples for our western civilization. By receiving new cultures to our society it is a chance to absorb thier rules and respect they have for one another. This is ideal to help restore our family values.

It has been said that 'immigration is a threat to our economy.' This statement is so absurd. Immigration increases purchasing thereby, increases demand for labor. Immigration not only takes jobs, but also creates them. (Wall Street Journal) For instance, A man comes to America from China. This man opens a small Chinese restaurant. The restaurant makes outstanding business. Ten years latter this man owns twelve restaurants and employees three hundred Americans. Stories like that happen all the time, which help our economy.

Immigrants are what help America be America. They say that America is just a melting pot. This is what makes our country unique. We have many cultures, many Ideas, and traditions, but all of us have the same dream. That Dream is the American Dream.

The same dream that keeps Americans in America and immigrants to come here. By having a variety of cultures helps people understand and learn from each other. Taking immigration away would hurt this country more than economically, but, socially also. Immigration, I feel is extremely important. Being an Italian American myself, I understand the importance of immigration. My family has traditions and beliefs they teach me, that I'll teach my kids some day. I am very proud of background in Italy and America. And no one should be denied the opportunity my parents and I have to be a part of America.

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