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Threats Caused By Stress And How To Fight Them

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Stress is a condition which occurs due to some unexpected event or circumstances. It is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension that put bad effects on mental as well as physical health. Sometimes, it can be positive that motivate people to program well. This essay will examine some negative effects of stress. When stress change into anger can lead to heart attacks, arrhythmias and even sudden death. Patient with cardiac problems have more chances of heart attack. It also effects the concentration level, stress leads to loss of appetite, sadness, person like to stay alone.

If stress is taken for a long time period, can cause depression that will be difficult to control. It is a mental response to stress. Some people adopt to bad habits like too much smoking, drinking. It also effects the decision-making process of person. Physical symptoms include less energy to do any activity, constant headache, upset stomach may be cause diarrhoea, constipation and nausea, insomnia. People with stress always see that negative side of everything. Sometime may blame others for their defeat. This will be silent all the time. High blood pressure occurs due to stress. In women, menstrual problems can be occurred. It also results in skin problems. All the time person with stress will be restless. Most of the illness are occurred due to stress. In students, it causes poor class performance and participation in group activities. Uncontrolled tears will be there. Younger starts to take drugs and alcohol which effect negatively and brain’s performance starts to decrease. People get angry on others without any reason. There are an abundant of conditions, diseases, which could be identified by a person’s behavior called social withdrawal, is very common. Some people gain weight. When you stressed may feel fear, anxiety, sadness and frustration. Sexual habits also changed.

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In addition, If one person remains stressed long time, suicidal thoughts can be come in his/her mind. People may think everything is finished nothing is to do. In stress, person starts fighting with family members. Constant stress leads to various mental problems like memory problems, poor judgement and brain fog. Person in stress may start many tasks but achieving little. Chest pain is also a common symptom, Sometime hyperactivity will be there. All the time person will be demotivated and loss the sense of humour. Moreover, Feeling of sickness all the time. Hair loss is also a problem of stress. Immune system will be weak and stomach pain can occur. Palpitation will be there. In anxiety person start nail biting and dark circle under eyes. Fertility problems will be occurred due to high level of stress hormones in your body. This can happen in both men and women. Due to disturbed immune system, person will be susceptible to catching a cold, flu or other infection. Mood swings also associated with stress, in this at one time person will be normal and on other time will be get angry or frustrated. Work efficiency will be decreased. Error will be more in work due to poor concentration.

In conclusion, it is clear that everyone want to get their goals at once which might be stressful. This stressful situation cause depression, sadness, lower concentration level. There should be a proper guidance for the people to help them with their problems. There are a lot of ways such as family support, exercises, passions for the exact time; it should be teach to the youngsters; it will help them in their future which can prevent them from the stress.


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