History of Three Main Medias of Art: Watercolor, Acrylic and Chalk


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Art has been around for thousands of years. It has come in many shapes and sizes and different forms. We now have so many ways to create art from colored pencils to graphite. These media have their own individual history of how they came to be used by so many people. Watercolor, acrylic, and chalk are all different media that have been used by many artists in many works and have made a big impact in art.

Watercolor is a type of paint that is used with water to get the best results. Watercolor is an extremely old type of painting dating back to even the Paleolithic age. Western artists started using it in the 1400s and now is used all over the world. Some notable artists that used watercolor throughout the years are William Blake, Thomas Moran, and Paul Klee. Some paintings done in watercolor are the Bidefold by Frank Webb, October Russet by Tony Couch, and Lily Sleeping by Mary White. The characteristics of watercolor painting is transparency and opacity but if done too quickly the colors can bleed into each other.

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Another media used in art is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is a mineral based paint that first started to come around in the 1940s. It is new compared to watercolor and is known for its thick consistency and come in a huge variety of colors. Artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Kenneth Noland, and Andy Worhol used acrylic paint in a lot of their paintings. Letting Go by Randy Honerlah, Lanterns by April Rimpo, and Fancy Feathers by Cher Anderson. You can use sgraffito to scratch the top layer of paint.

Chalk is another media used worldwide. Chalk is an extremely old substance but how it is known and used today has been around since the 1800s. As well as in art, chalk is also used in classrooms on a chalkboard. Chalk is used a lot with charcoal as a contrast because charcoal is very dark and chalk is very light. It started appearing in the western world in 1801 and now comes in many colors. Chalk has been used by many artists including Pablo Picasso.

Art has been used throughout history in many forms and has inspired many people all around the world. Three main medias of art are watercolor, chalk, and acrylic. These three all have different history but all come to form art as we know it today. Many artists have used them to masterpieces that are still known today. We can all learn from and appreciate the use of art in the world.

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