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Niagara-on-the-Lake resident has been found guilty due to failure to comply with the laws dictated under the National Sex Offender Registry.

The accused sex offender goes by the name of Joseph Kotowick, aged 34. Joseph appeared before Judge Joseph De Filippis in the Ontario Court of Justice located on Tuesday; October 15th. The court preceding’s took place downtown St. Catharine’s. The defendant basically surrendered himself when he pleaded guilty to the offence. Court made it known that the defendant was originally convicted on sexual assault charges in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the year 2012.

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Like all other sex offenders living in Canada, Joseph had to report annually to the Police Station for a check-in. Failure to do so would leave any sex offender in ‘hot water’ just like Joseph. He was apprehended by the Niagara Police service in Niagara Falls.

The defendant’s original sex assault charge in 2012 came with conditions which were ordered by the Ontario Court of Justice in Thunder bay. He had to obey the laws under the Sex Offender Information Registry Act. When asked about the importance of this act, a local of St. Catharine’s named Frank Davidson said ‘’This registry act is to aid law enforcement agencies to curb crimes of a sexual nature by noting important information regarding sexual offenders living in Canada.” It is without a doubt that this act is in the best interests of Canada and all its citizens said the Judge. The defendant was convicted of the offence and made to serve a jail sentence anywhere from eight to nine months. There was some chatter in the court after the verdict for the case was given. Sources claim that the accused did not have a stable childhood due to multiple heart wrenching events. It was confirmed by the defense lawyer that Joseph’s younger sister was brutally murdered by a family friend.Also, throughout the course of the defendant’s childhood he was in and out of multiple foster homes. It was quite clear that this individual was emotionally damaged due to the unfortunate events he faced during the earlier stages of life.

Local law enforcement in the City of St. Catharine’s wants this incident to serve as a deterrent to already convicted sex offenders that there are conditions, they must follow due to the crime committed. Anonymous police offer jokingly said ‘’you do the crime, be ready to do the time” regarding this case.

There was some form of sympathy towards Joseph in the courtroom, but a traumatic childhood does not give him the right to do things the way he wants. There are laws in place to protect this country and anyone who breaks them needs to be brought to justice said the Judge.

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