Threptin Protein Biscuits: the Best Way to Make Your Morning Good and Healthy

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Threptin Protein Biscuits:The Best Way to Make Your Morning Good And Healthy

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It is time to ditch the boring atta biscuits into your kitchen trash bin and start your day afresh with some good protein intake. Doctors, these days, are recommending protein biscuits to patients and elderly people who are in high need of protein and calories. According to them, are the only biscuits that contain the class 1 protein – Casein.

At Indian Grocery, you will be amazed to get a large selection of healthy biscuits, dietary biscuits, protein biscuits, bakery biscuits and lastly the world famous Karachi Fruit Biscuits. Protein biscuits are considered the best diet food for children in their growing stage, pregnant women, elderly or recuperating patients, sportspersons, bodybuilders etc. But why? Now let us go into the detail of the benefits one can derive from these biscuits every morning.

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These biscuits are ideal for lactose intolerant people. They are completely lactose-free and hence those who cannot consume other protein-based items due to lactose content in them can easily include these biscuits in their dietary schedule.

The protein is sugar-free, cholesterol free and trans-fat free. This reason is enough for the doctors to prescribe these tasty and super healthy biscuits to their patients.

The protein, Threptin Lite has some commendable advantages – it is good for diabetic ,obese, and heart patients, contains dietary fiber that reduces cholesterol level , contains Folic Acid, Vit B6, and Vit B12.

The gym instructors and nutritionists often prescribe these biscuits because they are good for muscle growth. To increase one’s energy as well as cell metabolism, these biscuits are highly recommendable. If you study the composition structure of threptin biscuits, you will have an idea why they are the perfect way to start your morning.

Each and every Threptin biscuit contains

  • Casein – 1st class protein with all the crucial amino acids.
  • Thiamine Hydrochloride or Vitamin B1, which is essential for body cell growth.
  • Riboflavin which is Vitamin B2, highly required for tissue growth and maintenance.
  • Nicotinamide, or Vitamin B3, that produces energy and controls diabetes and cancerous growth.

By now, we have summed up all the good qualities and benefits Threptin Protein Biscuits possess and hope you have decided already to include them in your morning meal from now onwards(if you haven’t yet). In addition to this, to get the real taste of Karachi baked biscuits and relish the goodness in them, you need to order some Karachi Osmania Biscuits right now at Indian Grocery, the largest online seller of Indian sweets and snacks in the USA.

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