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Tim Hortons Sustainability And Responsibility

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This project for Environment and Business consists of finding an article about a business that is starting or has already taken environmental actions for their company. The article that stood out was Tim Hortons’ initiative to change the lids that they use for their beverages. Not only is Tim Hortons switching the lids they use to ones that are recyclable, which will be displayed in this article, but they have also implemented the initiative to make their cups recyclable.

To go in depth with the actions being taken to become eco-friendly, the President of Tim Hortons, Alex Macedo, feels that the business is falling behind its competitors. He believes that becoming eco-friendly by creating a new recyclable lid, which has been suggested to Tim Hortons on multiple occasions, will improve customer satisfactory and is a “win-win”. The problem that has been noticed yet not address has been the fact that the lids on the cups leak. Thus, creating unwanted spills in cars and clothes.

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Tim Hortons is accepting and admitting their lack of care for the environment and starting from scratch to plan a new and effective model. This new recyclable feature for the lid had been thoroughly tested before being presented to the consumers. Environmentalists are pushing for this new lid to be used in all restaurants, as it is truly impacting the domain. This article outlines the mistakes that Tim Hortons has made in their past and how they are overcoming these obstacles to improve their consumers experiences. Opinions and perspectives have been given from the public and are finally being addressed. With these steps in the right direction they are improving their company’s reputation.

The first article that relates to Tim Hortons’ new initiatives is “The Canadian Business Environment” by John K. Pliniussen and Linda Wilson. It explains trends that give businesses an advantage over others, but also considering businesses becoming eco-friendly. Tim Hortons has a wide target market, but baby boomers make up a large amount of their loyal customers. The article goes in-depth with acknowledging the fact that baby boomers are extremely interested in health and safety. As well as, they have the support, maturity and finances to ensure that their opinions are heard. Since Tim Hortons is listening to the community about changing their lids to reduce leakage and become eco-friendlier, it is showing that the business not only cares about its products but pleasing its consumers as well. Lastly, it a good idea to appeal to its customers but promoting their ethical behaviour towards the environment gets more of their consumers and competitors aware of their environmental goals as a business.

To intertwine with the article that the Toronto Star released and “The Canadian Business Environment” that discussed the trends and businesses becoming green, the article “Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia” by Jacquelyn A. Ottman explains that Green marketing needs to satisfy improvements both environmentally and regarding customer satisfaction. Many companies have a “pitfall” because they focus too much on managing their products and their features instead of worrying about meeting their customers’ needs. However, in this case, Tim Hortons has ensured that they would test the product multiple times with a different variety of people and scenarios before releasing for the public to use. This could also be seen as a “win win” in the fact that it is accommodating the consumers’ needs, which is a strategic move for businesses.

Many businesses thrive by doing so and by switching materials for the lids to help with environmental issues this reduces their ecological footprint. If these strategies are used effectively, Tim Hortons will surely exceed their competition. This article justifies the idea that Tim Hortons is stepping outside of the business focus worrying about profit, and that the environment matters to the company as well. As consumers are going to appreciate this new feature that will not leak and reduce their ecological footprint as a company.


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