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Time Control Failure

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Tao and Luhan were sitting in the EXO-M dorm’s common room. Luhan was clutching the deer plushie that Tao had given to him on his birthday, while the other was fiddling around with his own hair. They were both there because that morning, right before practice, Luhan had told him he needed to talk to him. The atmosphere was thick with nervous tension, and Tao felt himself feeling more uncomfortable by the minute. He took in a deep breath and sighed.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” he said, his voice so soft it was almost a whisper at the end.

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Luhan flinched, as if broken from his chain of thoughts, before turning to Tao and looking him right in the eyes. The younger usually hated eye contact, but something in Luhan’s eyes comforted him. He felt himself calm down a bit.

Luhan sighed and then spoke up. “I’m just gonna be straight with you. I really like you.”

Tao almost cracked up the moment he heard the first sentence. Straight? The man’s anything but straight. That was till the older uttered the next sentence.

He let out a nervous chuckle as he felt his heart stutter and said, “Yeah, I like you too. I thought you knew that?”

Luhan sighed once again. “I like like you. I would like to see you romantically instead of platonically, if that’s possible.”

Tao blushed. He’d wanted this for almost a year now. He would’ve accepted Lu’s offer right away, if it wasn’t for what happened a few days ago.

It was all his fault. He made the mistake of crushing at two people at the same time. It wasn’t just that, it was also the fact that both happened to be his bandmates staying in the same dorm as him.

Tao’s mind flashed back to Yifan’s confession from a week back. It was almost similar. Yifan confessed with a small pack of Hershey’s kisses as an offering before the confession. Tao remembered how he took the pack away from his hands and stood on his toes to kiss him instead.

He’d been dating Yifan for a week now, and while his crush on Luhan was still as prominent as it was before any of their confessions, Tao couldn’t possibly do anything about it.

Flustered with a lack of a solution, Tao felt a force overwhelm his body. It all happened really quick; the clock on the wall right in front stopped ticking, Luhan stopping blinking and breathing, the simmering from the pot in the kitchen which had pork being steamed went silent. Time stopped till a harsh rip was heard and Tao felt his eyes shut close to complete darkness.

Five minutes passed till Tao woke up. He knew this because his powers allowed him to keep a track of time between events, as long as he remembered them.

He was guessing he blacked out because of a power overload. It was nothing new, though it hadn’t happened to him in quite a long time.

He looked at the completely still Luhan, wondering if he had managed to make him cause a crack in the fourth dimension.

The his powers made the fourth dimension, better known as the dimension of time, extremely sensitive. He had done a really good job of keeping his emotions in check for most of his teen years, which is why he didn’t have to face anything similar to this situation since he was eleven.

He had managed to control his emotions back when he received his first high school report card (which was completely red with strikes and remarks). He had managed to do so even when got a letter of acceptance from SM entertainment.

The only way he’d cover up a crack in the fourth dimension would be by fixing an event which seemed to be off in his universe. As much as he’d like to fix events in parallel universes, it wasn’t possible as all the events that would follow would branch out to many possibilities. He’d tried to do this before and lost a month off his age.

Fixing an event could be something as small as putting something in the right position, like fixing a clock’s time if it was off by a few seconds. It could also be something as big as fixing a relationship that doesn’t seem to be right, such as when he tried to swear he was four, just to stop his parents from arguing (they did stop arguing and laughed till they were in tears, probably because they didn’t expect him to do that).


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