Time Machine Or What to Do with Needs

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Table of Contents

  • Attention Investors and Adventurers
  • Top 5 Egypt attractions
  • Suggested Questions to Give Insight into Their Culture
  • Suggested Souvenir That Embodies This Time:
  • Reasons for Time Travel
  • Reasons Against Time Travel

Attention Investors and Adventurers

Hello all, Welcome to Hindsite Time Travel Agency. Beginning January 2020 we will be offering a once in a lifetime experience. We are the only travel agency around to offer this exclusive travel experience and you will be glad you decided to do this! Leave it to our experienced agents to take you through a tour of October 21, in the year of 3000BCE. This day you will see that Egypt's economy is based on Agriculture and the Nile Valley. Peasants also provide the mass labor which built the pyramids and temples along the Nile Valley. You will see that the Ancient Egyptians had high levels of mathematical skills that enabled them to build their pyramids and temples with simple tools. In 3000BCE Ancient Egyptians used Hieroglyphics, which were used on stone mountains and tombs and consist of a word, or a sound. Hieroglyphics were used on stone monuments and in tombs. Ancient Egyptians believe that there is more to life in the afterlife. Traveling back in time and away from the modern society means that you will not have the amenities that you are used to having here. There will not be cell phones and TV's like we are using now, much less any power back then.

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Top 5 Egypt attractions

  1. Pyramids of Giza which are the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and they are the world's most recognizable landmarks.
  2. Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, the Nile-side town of Luxor in Upper Egypt has a glut of tourist attractions.
  3. Abu Simbel Ramses II's great temple adorned with colossal statuary standing guard outside, and with an interior sumptuously decorated with wall paintings.
  4. The most European of Egypt's cities, Alexandria. Alexandria is home of Cleopatra, razzmatazz renegade city of the Mediterranean for much of its life, this seaside city has an appealing days-gone-by atmosphere that can't be beaten.
  5. Abydos Temple, Abydos' Temple of Osiris is one of ancient Egypt's most fascinating artistic treasures. Its chunky columns and walls, covered in beautiful hieroglyphics and intricate paintings, are spellbinding sights, and even better, you can admire them without the crowds as despite its dazzling beauty, it receives few visitors compared to the temples in nearby Luxor.

Suggested Questions to Give Insight into Their Culture

  1. When were dead bodies first mummified?
  2. Why did hieroglyphs develop?
  3. How many pyramids are there in Egypt?
  4. Was Cleopatra an Egyptian?
  5. How old was the oldest known ‘Egyptian?

Suggested Souvenir That Embodies This Time:

The Papyrus plant-This plant was used for a variety of uses and it grew vastly around the Nile River. The Papyrus plant was used to make the writing material. The Papyrus was also used throughout the Mediterranean.

Reasons for Time Travel

Who wouldn't want to travel back in time if given the opportunity? The experience is unlike any other and you can tell a great story that can be passed down for generations to come. We only learn about history thousands of years ago from what is on the internet or what is in our history books so having a physical glimpse into the past will provide that book experience.

Reasons Against Time Travel

There is lack of modern health care. It is scary for those that require insulin to live or any other medication that is required daily. There is no transportation to get you to and from. No modern amenities to get you through your daily routine. No modern hygiene products which are used daily like a shower and a toilet several times a day. It would be you coming from the modern 20th century, going back to 3000BCE to change time and it working out in your best interest. My bumper sticker is "Walk Like an Egyptian".

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