Titanic - a New Puzzle of the Old World-Known Catastrophe

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It was the world largest ship of its times and an inspiration for one of the legendary films by James Cameron. There is hardly any grownup person on the planet not aware of Titanic and its catastrophe. Titanic crashed during its first cruise in 1912 faced an iceberg in North Atlantic. But is it the only truth or truth at all? Here the case of Titanic catastrophe is presented in a summary essay. 

There are several evidences that on the day of its departure, Titanic was receiving warning reports about floating icebergs from crews of other aircrafts since the morning. The last one came in about 40 minutes before the collision. But for some strange reasons highly qualified and experienced captain Edward Smith preferred to ignore them.

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Some scientists believe that he somehow had known about the bombs laid on the ship and was busy trying to find them. Probably, it was he who told the orchestra to play their music as loud as they could to drown out the sounds of possible explosions. 

There is another strange thing about the damage to the ship possibly done by the iceberg. In 1991, a group of scientists led by Canadian marine geologist Steve Black picked up and analyzed a piece of a metal sheet, which was a part of the hull cover. They got suspicious about the edges of this sheet, which didn’t look smooth and even, as they should be, if they were of high-grade steel. The further study confirmed that the steel body of the Titanic was very brittle. Perhaps, it was done on purpose.

The thing is that Titanic was laid in the Harland and Wolff shipyards in Queens Island near the Irish city of Belfast. It is known that it was during the construction period that the Irish terrorists became more active, and even sent their agents to acquire the most advanced explosive devices in different countries. Among others, this was done by a certain Elizabeth Mann, who was later spotted among the passengers on the Titanic.

Moreover, just before the legendary departure, several stokers with sailors’ suitcases rushed to the ship. They told they were the late members of the crew and demanded to be allowed onto the board. The sergeant, who was standing at the ramp, refused. What if the Irish fighters replaced them on the Titatnic? Whichever is true, but later researchers have found the traces of an explosion occurred in the fifth steam shop.       

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