Titanic as One of the Best Films of All Time

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After being out for over two decades Titanic is still one of the greatest movies to ever reach the theaters and as well as one of the most loved, Titanic was truly the king of the world! The exhilarating romance between Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater, the tragedy of the sinking ship, Titanic brings many different emotions to everyone single person who watches the film. The movie itself was number one on the charts for fifteen straight weeks after coming to theaters and gained eleven oscars throughout it’s time.

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The lengthy drama was flawlessly created, built and acted. Director James Cameron started his journey to create the film in 1995 and the movie was then released two years later in 1997. Titanic is loved by many of us and is truly based off of the tragedy that took place in April of 1912, when many lost their lives in a unthinkable way. The movie touches base on class differentiation and the mental illness of character Rose Dewitt Bukater, as well as many other topics.

Jack and Rose met on the Titanic and there love was extraordinary. Rose was the rich girl who is engaged a cruel man named Cal and had anything and everything that she ever needed, and Jack was a young artist and was the complete opposite, he did not have anything near to what she did, but through all of that they showed that income does not matter in choosing someone. They showed us all that true love does exist and that love can come at such unexpected times. Rose and Jack chose each other throughout all of their circumstances, Rose was engaged to man who was wealthy and very unhealthy for her state of mind. We all know that in the end of the movie Jack does not survive but this does not mean that there love wasn’t real or pure, because it really was.

Titanic displays Rose Dewitt Bukater in the beginning of the movie, where she first meets Jack, she is hanging off the back of the ship trying to harm herself. She believes that her life is too much and is struggling a lot in her life. Rose truly feels like no know understands what it feels like to be her, she is pressured by her mother to marry a man who is wealthy to insure there survival not only on the ship itself but in life in general. At only seventeen years of age, that is a lot of pressure on a young girl. Although times were different in 1912 knowing who you want to be with for the rest of your life is a major decision.

In the movie many difficult decisions have to be made by many different people, with only launching the women and children onto the lifeboats the passengers are forced to make impossible decisions. With deciding whether or not to leave husbands and family members on the ship to an unknown fate. The movie leaves many images in peoples minds, the ending of the movie after the ship has gone down to the bottom of the Atlantic the passengers are just left there to try to survive, very few do and many freeze and the sounds become quieter and quieter. This part of the movie is bone chilling and really makes you think and ponder about how many lives were truly lost in such a distraught way.

The movie itself was completely and utterly fantastic, displaying so many emotions that went through the passengers minds. Excitement about there voyage to America, the beauty of the ship, meeting new people that are on the same journey you’re on as well. Showing the different classes and how life was during this time, just exploiting that love can be found anywhere and can be superior. Casting of the movie was exquisite, the remaking of the ship they built was so beautiful, the scenes and adding the romance to the story truly makes this movie is one to remember and the very best of all time.

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