Titanic Tragedy: Night that We Will Always Remember

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The Titanic, the ship that was 882 feet long and she was the biggest coastliner there was. Titanic was a ship that the White Star Line created and was designed by Thomas Andrews. She was a ship that combined luxury and comfort all together. Titanic’s hull was made out of compartments that would keep the Titanic afloat even if it hit an iceberg. White Star Line made lots of ships that carried passengers in the atlantic. Titanic was the biggest liner built in 1912. The ship had a sister called,”Britannic” which rhymed with Titanic. One night changed everything for the Titanic.

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The coastliner left Southampton and it left the city in a lucky way, the Titanic almost collided with another ship while it was going out of port. She left the port on April 1912, and she was on her way to New York City. One beautiful night, she was cruising at high speeds, in the Atlantic, the lookouts were looking for iceberg but without binoculars! Suddenly, Frederick Fleet, one of the lookouts, saw an iceberg! They turned the wheel as fast as they could and turned all the engines in reverse. As the ship got closer, they knew that the ship was going to hit. When the ship hits the iceberg, the iceberg impacts the ship and leaves a 300 feet hole in the hull. Water is flowing in and Capt. Edward J. Smith knew that the ship was not going to last much longer. The hull had 16 compartments and 6 of them were flooding with water. It was now treading water as it struggled to stay above water. Most passengers did not feel the bump on the ship and did not worry about it since it was a “unsinkable” ship. Water was now going inside the 3rd class area and the area was being flooded, most of the lifeboats had been launched. Some people even diving into the water and hoping they would survive. The ship did not have enough lifeboats for everyone to fit in. There were only 20 lifeboats on the titanic. As the ship started to sink, everyone started to sink into the ocean and hearing the screams of the people that were in the water that were drowning and sinking. Suddenly, everything was silent. In the distance, the Carpathia had come to the rescue but it was still too late to save the others.

Some bad luck played during the collision with the iceberg, the reason why it sank was because some of the things that happened were bad luck. For example, the lookout could not find the binoculars which is bad luck. Bad luck affected the Titanic by taking many lives. The bad luck also played during the time where no one would respond to the ship’s SOS signal. The Californian’s operator was asleep and no one woke him up so the ship did not pick up the signal which is considered bad luck. Bad luck was in many parts of the Titanic’s sinking which caused the ship to hit the iceberg and sink.

The ship’s passengers were in different classes. For example, first class was the most expensive class but the most luxurious items. First class cost around $150 which is $1,750 today. Second class which was the medium class was like first class but less luxurious and the cost was $60 which is $690 today. Third class was the worst class out of the others, most of the people from england were coming to the US to get jobs. The cost of third class was $40 which is around $300-$400 today. The classes were categorized by the luxury of the class. The costs to get on the ship was enormous and there were many famous passengers.

The Titanic will always be remembered as a day of tragedy and the lives lost all in just one single night. The Titanic was a ship that was considered “unsinkable” but was tested not. Titanic was one of the biggest ships out there but it never made it back to shore. Titanic will always be there and remembered forever for all the loss and lives taken on that day.

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