To Err is Human - to Forgive is Divine

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“To err is human, to forgive is divine”, is a quote from Alexander Pope who is known as one of the greatest English poets. It is such human nature to makes mistakes and commit sins. As human, it is important to us to forgive people when they do mistakes. It has also become a norm in human life today when someone makes mistakes they surely will be forgiven. But nowadays, some of our society is more selfish and does not want to forgive them.

I recently experienced some betrayal from my best friend. She was a nice person actually. It happened when we were just starting our work as part timers. At first I was not expected that my friend whom I close to, had been stealing from me. I work as a drop ship and have in 100 to 400 dollars in my purse. That money was the result of my sales throughout the work as drop ship. I rarely being worried about my purse because whenever I got the money, I will keep it in my bank.

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After several months of working as a drop ship, my income has steadily increased. I was so busy and had no time to save money in the bank. Then, I began to realize that my sales revenue was less than normal. I asked my friend who’s actually steal my money and she said that she does not know anything about it. So I just denied it. But my instinct kept said that she is the one who took my money.

So, I planned to invite her to my house. While waiting her to come, I accidentally put some pieces of fifty ringgit in a place that is easy to see. I really wish she wasn't the one who stole my money. While making a water for her, I stared at what she was doing at where I put the money. I was really shocked to find out that the money I had left was gone. And she’s the only one there. I'm asking if she stole my money or not. But she denied that she stole my money. I told her that my money had been stolen and said that I knew who the thief was. But she doesn't even want to admit that she stole it and continues to deny it.

I thought, she will admit it and apologize to me. I feel very sad and do not expect that she can steal money from his own friends. If you are really close friends, this shouldn’t come to your mind. I thought if she was in need of money for some reason, she could have asked from me and stealing is never an option. Stealing is the worst thing people have ever done. I never thought I would be able to forgive a person who’s cheating on me. But as long as she's my friend, I'll try to forgive her.  

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