To Live in a Discipline Manner Good for Health and Happiness

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Discipline means to put something in a respected way. It’s all about rules and regulation. It makes person successful in life. The childhood period is the finest period for learning discipline. It cannot be bought or sell anywhere. A person can seek discipline early in school then in a college etc. The discipline makes a person very obedient and loyal to his love ones. Children with good discipline manner are liked by the whole. On the other hand, children with bad manner are hated by other. A man without good discipline manner resembles a dead animal. If a man is well-dressed, this doesn’t mean he is very well mannered. Manners doesn’t lie in clothes. A man of good discipline is welcomed by everyone but man of bad discipline is ignored everywhere. Bad manners produce bad result in our society whereas good manner produces good results.

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Good manner teaches us how to react with the world and gain sympathy by others. In fact, in our daily routine we must executes the rules and regulations of the masses which is the main idea of good discipline. While the road, we must keep in mind that we should stop at red signal and get ready at yellow and start driving on green signal. We shouldn’t break the traffic rules governed by the traffic police. We must not blow horn unnecessarily on the road, it will affect the person’s health and causing noise pollution.

Similarly, when we studied in some educational constitutes then we must obey their rules. It shows that how a student is well civilized, cultured and educated. Whereas, bad habits will damage the humankind. The person with bad manner will spoil the wall of public places, parks and every beautiful place. He throws the trash and garbage on the road which polluted land.

On the other hand, a person having good manners kept the trash and throw it into dustbin. This is very important for our health that our surrounding kept clean. Good manners always give profit to us by means of health and happiness. Good manner is the key to success in our life as it brigs happiness and prosperity in life. To live in discipline manner is useful in forming new friends and returning a old ones.

Moreover, manners make us happy because we make other happy by our job. We can win the heart of our enemies by our gentle and kind. So, to achieve big goal in life, we must consider good manner as a priority. Good manner leads us to a healthy and successful life. It makes life smooth, very easy, enjoyable and meaningful. As our religion Islam also teaches us how to develop good manners. A person having good character is like he is very close to Allah. So, discipline is compulsory for health and also for living a successful life style.

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