Today's Society and Dependence on Technology


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There is no denying that technology has advanced greatly over the years. There is no doubt that this technology can be extremely helpful. Due to this, you will find technology in almost any atmosphere. These advancements have supported us in simple things such as writing letters, sending and receiving messages, to the most sophisticated things, from helping a farmer harvest their fields to allowing a doctor to save a life.

Whilst all this seems great, and it’s true, there are many benefits to it, there lies the issue within, that if a worker’s job relies on technology and one-day technology glitches this could impact not only the worker but his family, his company and could result in the loss of a lot of money. Bearing in mind a job is very difficult to find nowadays. Even worse, if a hospital relies on technology to keep their patients alive and healthy, and if this technology fails, what will be the outcome?

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These are only some situations. Even small situations seem bad. We could not live without our phones for a short amount of time although there are plenty of important things for which our phone is needed, from sending and receiving important messages, to make an emergency call, we still spend an unhealthy amount of time on them. From texting and watching videos to scrolling through social media for hours on end. The endless scrolling through ‘perfect’ people, appearances, couples, and families has created a culture where people are often obsessive with their appearance and where cyber-crime and bullying are at an all-time high. This can even lead to mental health issues and eating disorders.

What were people doing before, where we didn’t need a smartphone to call our friends. The times when we used to send our mail without our laptops. The world still rotated then as it does now. It wasn’t as if we couldn’t survive then. We were out playing football and running around, without the need for a games console.

It is clear beyond doubt that we are way too dependent on technology. This is the case as most of us can’t go a few minutes without having to check our phones for a new notification. The annoyance within, as our batteries die. The anger as our teachers confiscates our phones because we were in the middle of something more important than the class. It really is hard to not be excited for the next piece of technology coming out. The brand-new features and capabilities of technology can seem really irresistible to fall in love with.

In fact, technology has somewhat become an addiction to some. So much so that some doctors will recommend giving up all technology for a period. This is known as a ‘digital detox. This detox is in place to relieve a person of stress and get them to interact more with the real world. This addiction is very worrying. According to Flurry, in 2017 users are spending approximately 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. EMarketer estimates that almost three-quarters of US adults use smartphones.

Technology is somewhat essential to us nowadays. If we need something to eat we use our phones to order. If we are bored, we switch on the PlayStation. Although not necessarily realistically, many of us have resorted to this way of life. Many believe that technology has made us lazier and unproductive. Instead of meeting people, we just call or text them. Instead of being active and healthy, some of us just simulate this using video games. Many of us laze around the television all day. We are becoming more unfit and many adolescents prefer their games and tv as opposed to studying.

However, it is not just the youth who are being affected by technology. Technology has seemingly been making our lives better and easier. Although this is partially true, it is not completely true. Yes, everyday jobs are becoming more hassle-free, faster, and less human effort is required as technology is ensuring that machines are replacing us. This is beneficial to the employer, but many jobs are being lost due to this. Technology is replacing humans. This means fewer opportunities, resulting in low income, making it difficult to provide for us and our families. The guardian said ‘More than 10 million UK workers are at high risk of being replaced by robots within 15 years as the automation of routine tasks gathers pace in a new machine age. This study shows the shocking amount of jobs that could potentially be lost.

Another technology issue is that, although there are many steps of precaution and security in place, there are always new glitches and hackers somehow find their way past these security measures. Many major sites have been hacked into in the past, such as; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to name a few. When someone’s information is hacked the consequences can be dire, especially if the victim is well known. A result of being hacked could mean that the hacker can see all private messages, send and receive messages of the person’s accountant, without them even knowing. The hacker could also gain details such as credit card and identity and commit fraud and crime under the victim’s name. Cybercrime is at an all-time high and a cyber attack on a major company or government can be costly with cyberattacks being a number one business risk.

Although the advancement of technology is both fascinating and necessary it cannot be denied that we are extremely reliant on it and if one day we should be deprived of it we may not be able to survive as well as we once could. With everything from education to careers being started on technology, we are too dependent on technology which may not always be dependable.  

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