African Diaspora: Despite Our Geographical Differences We Are Alike

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We are Africans, despite the geographical delineations; we are Blacks, regardless of the diversity in culture, language and physical trait. We are bold and resourceful, in spite of the uneven distribution of mineral deposits & resources across the continent. We are one because we are Africans!

The causes that bind us together are greater, higher and stronger than the forces that tear us apart. The causes and forces may appear to be two sides of the same coin but we see beyond the façade, for our vision is clear and our mission dear.

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We are conscious of the fact that poverty knows no border, it speaks one language and has same consequential effects across the continent. And this poverty, we must banish from our land. Hence, we are inspired with a sense of pride by the giant leaps of 29 year old Fahad Awadh who is taking agro- processing business to the next level in Tanzania; Omolabake Adenle, the young lady in Nigeria seeking to break our language limitations through the African language software she developed; and yes! Our very own YALI cohort 8 member, Smart Nyarkoh from Accra, currently working on the development of an energy efficient Biogas cooker in Ghana.

Because we understand, that the downfall of one means the downfall of all, we are ready to complement one another to rise from our collective failures and supplement one another to build on our successes. We are determined to make it to the finish line together, knowing we are a TEAM. A new breed of young African leaders has emerged, with a united resolve, never to let her bank of morals go bankrupt again. Never to allow nepotism outshine the beauty in our diversity. Never to permit the rest of the globe exploit her on the basis of religious, ethnic and political intolerance. We are Africans first and always. We are driven by a modesty that respects our friends, opponents, rivals, families and neighbors. We are more than individuals – We are the African TEAM!

A journey through the plains of Accra to the Volta has made us realize how much we think alike as Africans – our similar building patterns and comparable lifestyles which simply validate the saying that wise men think alike. Whether it is Nigerian jollof rice or Ghana jollof rice, the fact remains – it is jollof rice, made from rice, the African rice.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are too powerful, leaning on each other’s shoulders when life hits us with every trick that there is. We are resilient; we never give up. We are Africans! Ladies and gentlemen, we are a team and together we will fight the good fight for growth, we will pursue the African dream, we will “traverse the troubadour”, together, we will finish the race.

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