Tokyo: City`s History from Creating to Nowadays

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According to, Tokyo was first built during the Meiji era (1868-1912) but to be more precise, it was built in 1889 with 15 wards. Buildings made of stone bricks were built on the sites of the mansions of feudal lords, and the major roads were paved with round stones. At that time, Tokyo wasn’t considered very important since it was still war era but people still decided to build a few more things for protection.

According to, a megacity has a population of over 8 million people. Since Tokyo has a population of 13,513,734 people, it is considered as a megacity. But before Tokyo became a megacity, it was a fishing port called ‘Edo’, according to This means that Tokyo’s original function was a fishing port.

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According to, during the late 19th century, Japan, which includes Tokyo, decided to modernize the country and change their culture as well. This included the building of roads, railways, and telecommunications lines. This style is rather considered to be a Western style rather than an Asian style.

When Tokyo first settled, its population was 6.36 million people in the past but now there are 13,513,734 people living in it, according to Tokyo’s population has changed over time because of people moving in and out. According to, in 2014, it showed that 405.000 people moved into Tokyo and 331.000 people moved out. The reason why people move in to Tokyo is because of jobs such as office work and more. Some students also attend college there too. This is the reason why Tokyo’s population has been decreasing and increasing over the years since people move in and out at the same time.

According to, in 1923, Tokyo experienced the ‘Great Kanto Earthquake’ which destroyed around 300,000 structures and buildings which they had to rebuild all of them all over again. There are more than 100,000 people who got killed in the earthquake. This rocked the population of Tokyo which made the population go down.

According to, on 18 April 1942, a surprise attack on Tokyo, Japan, by U.S bombers during World War II. Not too much damage was formed, but the raid was a boost for the Americans at a low point in the war. Although it stated that not too much damage was formed, the buildings of Tokyo were partly damaged. Some have fallen completely apart, and some have had huge cracks on them. This bombings had also made the population of Tokyo fallen down, considering the number of people who got killed by the bombings.

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