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Tokyo Disney Resort is the most popular theme park in Japan. It is located in Urayasu city in Chiba prefecture. It was founded by Walt Disney in 1955. There are six Disney Resorts in the world and the Japan is one of them. Many visitors come from various countries. There are a lot of people who have a annual free passport. Every year the number of visitors from abroad continues to increase. Recently, the number of photo spots increased and became more popular among young people. Also, the number of visitors has reached 700 million people. A catch phrase in this place is "Where dreams come true". It is a very wonderful place. The Disney Resort is divided into two parks, Disneyland and Disneysea. Each park has main character and there is a different atmosphere. Additionally, the type attraction and parade theme are also different, so we can enjoy going to either park. It is said that Disney land is for Family and Disney sea is for couples.

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Disneyland was opened by Walt Disney on April 15 in 1983. The main characters of Disneyland is Mickey and Minnie. There are many other characters. For example, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pooh, and so on. Moreover, there are a lot of princesses in the park. Some people go there just to see their parade and to take pictures with them. However, the reason why this is popular is not just characters. There are lots of attractions. The most popular attraction is Splash · Mountain, the second is Monsters · Ink Ride & Goseik, the third is Space · Mountain. There are also many other attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain and Pooh's Honey Hunt and Buzz Lightyear. These offer different ways of enjoying with roller coasters or fighting games. Families with small children often visit Disney land compared to Disney sea because Disneyland has more attractions and performances that children can enjoy than Disneysea. The children often wear the same dress with the princesses and dance together and a show to please the children. A wide range of age groups from children to adults can be enjoyed in Disneyland.

Disney sea was opened on September 4 in 2001.Disney sea has as many characters as Disneyland. The main character of Disney sea is Duffy and Shellie May. There are other characters like Gelatoni and Stella Lou. They are very popular. In addition, I often see people who have these stuffed animals in the park. The most popular attraction is Toy · Story · Mania, the second is Center of the Earth, the third is Tower of Bell Tower. There are other Turtle Talk, Venetian Gondola and so on. It is a calm atmosphere here and it is recommended for adults and couples.

For each park, the decoration in the park, the food, the contents of parade change according to the seasonal event. For instance, New year, Tanabata, Halloween and Christmas. In the summer, many different characters add water to the audience during the parade with a hose. Then everyone gets soaked. This performance is only for summer. In addition, food is sold every year according to the season. There are many delicious food. For example, Tipotorta, Ukiwaman and waffle. Many people always form a long line to buy foods. The most popular food in Disney is popcorn. There are many flavors. For example, milk chocolate, curry, strawberries and so on. In recent years, performance incorporating a new technology called projection mapping has been done. Projection mapping of Cinderella Castle, set in the popular movie "Anna and the Snow Queen" was very popular and many people came to see it. In this way, Disney has lots of fun performances.

Actually, two new areas and attractions will open in 2020. In Disney Land, the area of "Beauty and the Beast " will open. We can meet Bell and other characters in this area. In addition, there is a big restaurant and store. We can enjoy eating and shopping. In Disney Sea, the area of "Fantasy Springs" will open. This area is imaged "Frozen", "Rapunzel" and "Peter Pan". There are four new attractions and three restaurants. Additionally, the new hotel will be built in this area. So, we will able to stay in Disney Sea.

Disney Resort is evolving all the time.I am sure this theme park will be a more fantastic place.If you have the opportunity, try to go there.It will be so nice, it will feel like being in a dream.

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