Main Changes in Logistics Industry

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The logistics industry is currently going through major transformations, with the latest trends focusing on innovative technological solutions to increase efficiency and cut down operating costs.

Logistics is at the core of many industries, including e-commerce, retail, healthcare and consumer goods. As such, businesses and organizations around the world are aligning their strategies to meet the current and upcoming trends in logistics such as Artificial Intelligence on Internet of Things.

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Here are top 10 logistic trends that will transform freight transportation in the future.


We are seeing more and more advanced technologies breaking into the transport and logistics industry. Uber Freight recently unveiled an app that matches trucking companies with shippers who want to move freight.

This app is yet to break into newer markets, but it’s more likely that more shippers will be willing to accept any solution that offers convenient access to trucks. Most importantly, carriers will embrace the idea without a second thought, especially when the platform provides better and faster pay for freight transportation.

Autonomous vehicles are also increasing in popularity, with Tesla launching its first electric semi-truck that can cover 500 miles on a single charge. Many large asset companies are making pre-orders, which clearly show the growing interest in the autonomous vehicle technology. The advantage of these electric semi-trucks is that owners don’t have to pay for diesel fuel as well as maintenance of the combustion engine, not to forget the great visibility you enjoy from the streamlined cabin. But now, the only thing holding back Tesla is the lack of charging stations.

We think autonomous trucks are still a few years away from impacting the logistics industry to a significant extent. All the pre-orders and activities are probably because large asset companies don’t want to be left behind-they want to show their shareholders that they are staying up to date with new technologies in the industry.

Smart Glasses and Drones

Some of the areas that smart shipping and logistics companies need to improve to stay ahead are automation and mobility, and smart glasses and drones are expected to improve logistics performance.

The integration of smart glasses with augmented reality will make freight management logistics a lot easier as it will make deliveries more convenient through hands-free route searches, personalized deliveries and face recognition to eliminate errors in delivery.

Big Data

By studying and analyzing data patterns, companies and organizations can use erp software for supply chain management to predict the demand for their products and thus strategize and plan their operations accordingly. In a fast-changing marketplace, companies need to stay ahead by ensuring efficient delivery of services, and data-driven logistics will be vital in enhancing the future of freight transportation. By adopting big data visualization methods, smarter analytics and Big Data algorithms, companies will be able to improve the quality of services and enhance efficiency by reducing delivery time.

In 2018, big data will enable companies to study location-based search trends to predict the demand for their products in certain regions and ship in advance.

Elasticity of Logistics

In order to handle the fast-changing demand in the industry and fluctuation of orders, companies dealing with logistics are making their operations elastic. In short, elastic logistics can improve customer experience; connect business processes, add real-time visibility; and provide flexibility and agility

High-Speed Rail Networks

Many countries around the world are developing more interest in high-speed rail networks. Since the fast high-speed rail network was introduced in 1964, countries are looking to adopt this technology.

Although the progress has been slow, some countries are still on track. Hyperloop, an underground rail that can reach speeds of up to 240mph, is still being tested and developers are hoping to increase this speed up to three times by the time the final version is unveiled.

Automatic Cars

Although the U.S government and legislation have begun negotiations on passing automatic vehicles laws, chances are that it will take a bit longer before a decision is made. Automatic cars have to go through rigorous tests before they can be released onto the streets.

Even if some laws will be introduced in 2018, using automatic cars in freight transport and logistics still has some years ahead to take effect.

Optimized Routes

Logistics companies can leverage data from past and current statistics to influence the shipping process. Artificial Intelligence can use this data to do route planning; therefore, it will not only be beneficial for customers who want their products delivered smoothly and quickly, but also the logistics company to transport freight in a fast, cost-effective and automated manner.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things has made it possible for companies to adopt mobiles apps, small sensors and other connected devices to make operations more manageable. With those in place, businesses can use transport management software to understand the data being generated. IoT devices can help businesses to reduce costs by finding inefficiencies in their operations.

Freight management software can also connect logistics companies to their drivers and gives insight into what they could do to save money and time.


The presence of blockchain has been felt in the logistics industry in 2018. It offers security and transparency which has proven to be effective in storing and sharing transactional data while enhancing reliability with infallible transactions.

GPS Devices with Improved Functionality

GPS has been used for many years, but what makes the difference between earlier GPS devices and modern versions is functionality. In 2018, we will see GPS devices that can make adjustments to your trip with regards to weather, traffic and other conditions. Feel free to explore more.

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