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Top 10 Mattress Toppers

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Comfort is a top priority when you are looking to get a good night’s sleep, and more often than not the lack can come from your own mattress. Whether it is old and worn, or the support is just too strong to really get relaxed on, your body will end up moving all over the place while you sleep and even if you don’t wake up from it, you’ll not truly be rested when you finally do. You wake up with muscles or joints screaming at you from being pressed or left wholly unsupported, forced into angles that they simply can’t handle. Beyond being sore, the constant movement didn’t allow the sleep you had to rejuvenate and heal from the day previous, and you know that continuing to lay there, or even going back to sleep, isn’t going to make a difference. You still won’t get rest, and short of trying to get another mattress to sleep on, you know that it’s just going to keep piling on with each night till you can’t handle it anymore, right?

Not so! A good mattress topper could be just what you need to help relax those aching muscles, relieve your pained joints and keep your hips from feeling like somebody has been slowly cutting off slivers of bone while you sleep. No one wants to wake up feeling like they were a part of the latest wrestling event, and a lot of people unfortunately do. While we all know mattress toppers exist, some of us don’t know what they do, and others are not sure if any of them are worth it. When your sleep is the cost though, it is time to look for an answer that won’t cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to keep replacing mattresses that aren’t working on their own. Instead, if you have the right topper, you can make the one you have work (as long as you aren’t looking at the Grand Canyon from wear of course). We here at Gearhunt want to help you rest easy quickly. So, put your feet up, lean back in your most comfortable chair and chill while you look over our choices for the top ten mattress toppers and pick the best one for you!

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We hope we have helped you to locate the mattress topper you want or need for your bed to be comfortable. We looked over all the possibilities out there to select the ones we felt were the best made and best for your money. As always, we wanted to make sure that what we presented for options was the best in their line. If you have more questions about how we decided on which products made our top ten, check out our criteria section, and for more information check out our additional information and Faq sections. Of course, if we didn’t cover exactly what you wanted to know, feel free to check the sources we used to get the information to you at the bottom. We wish you a great night’s rest (or afternoon nap, whichever appeals to you!) from us here at Gearhunt.

Criteria we Used


We want to know that what we bring to you will last, after all, when you buy something you don’t want to have to go back out only a short time later and replace it. As such we looked over the many toppers being offered, when we felt we had found the ones that, if used and treated appropriately, were the most durable they joined the list of those we would consider as quality products. Durability means they will act as they should when used as intended and last a long time without losing their purpose. If a topper lost its padding, tore to easily, or fell apart after only a few uses, we wouldn’t want to recommend them. This doesn’t mean they will last forever, but many have warranties and all of them should last at least a few years before needing replaced. Like mattresses themselves, however, we understand that the toppers will eventually need replaced, so we judged each at a reasonable length of use as well as how much they handled during that use.

Cost and Value

While most people will consider one or the other, we want to keep both in mind. Something can cost more than it is worth, as much as it can end up costing less. We compared the pros and cons of each topper and its price to see if what it offered you was at an equal or greater value than its cost. We prefer to bring you lists where the item costs less than it is worth, but what is valuable in the item is different to everyone. That is why we give you the information to let you choose for yourself in the end, and simply provide you with the ones we felt excelled and why.


Of course, this is one of the most important qualities of these particular styles of products. If you’re looking to sleep right, you want to have a comfortable bed and these wonderful inventions are perfect for just that if made correctly. We have to consider the fact, however, that not everyone defines ‘comfort’ the same way, especially when involving their beds. Some need a firm mattress but need a slight layer of softness to that their body is supported correctly, while others prefer if they can sink into their bed as if it is made of soft cloud-like materials. So, with so many levels of what comfort might be defined as, we try to make sure that we find a variety of top notch items that all exceed expectations. When looking over this list, keep an eye on the descriptions to help you find the type of comfort you are looking for, whether it’s just enough padding to not be on a rock, or that sinking into the enveloping folds of the most wonderful pillows you have ever come across. Some of these are also right there in the middle, allowing for a blend which perhaps both of you can enjoy- or that two-year-old joy who hates monsters will pass out more easily on.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While we try to assure your purchase is the best money can buy, we know that sometimes things just don’t work out as expected. Sometimes due to the shipping company, and others because you got that rare fluke that even for the company standards doesn’t make the cut. Either way we look to be sure you won’t end up stuck with something that isn’t what you wanted. That being said, most of the products we chose we made sure had warranty’s or money back guarantees so that you aren’t footing the bill for something you can’t use. A few made our list that did not seem to have this or did not have it listed as something they offered. Before purchasing any product however, make sure you know what the stipulations on the warranty or guarantee is- and if we don’t have it listed, feel free to contact the company and ask. You can never put too much into making sure you’re not just comfortable as you sleep, but also comfortable with what you are investing into.

Care of the Product

We did look into each of these products to make sure that caring for them correctly isn’t time consuming or overly meticulous. After all, if it’s a quality item, it should not mean you are practically the only thing between it and destruction from the point it leaves the factory. That being said, some of these items do require you pay attention to how they are intended to be used and may require a little extra effort. Most only require mild cleaner and a cloth/towel or can be machine washed and dried. Even with the latter though, do pay attention to the care instructions- some things just can’t take the heat!

Additional information

You may ask, ‘what is the purpose of a mattress topper?’, or if it is worth the money to spend (especially if you have a new mattress) and the answer is yes, if you want to help your mattress last longer and want a better night’s rest. Mattress toppers are not meant to replace getting a new mattress, though they can help gently used mattresses offer more, and can help new mattresses do better with supporting your body while you sleep.

There is such thing as “too soft” however. What feels good initially may be bad for certain body types, and even some injuries. There is a point where you can make a mattress too soft to sleep on. Recent studies have found that firmer mattresses help with healthy bodies and supporting some injured backs in the restoration process. However, there is also such thing as too firm, such as with tail bone injuries and some neck or shoulder injuries. Finding the correct level of soft or firm is important in creating the proper sleeping habits and may take a few tries to get right. Consult your physician for proper sleeping habits for your body and search for the level of comfort that is right for you to feel well rested and being able to wake up with a fresh start to each morning.

Check over our pros and cons carefully to make sure if what you need is offered, and don’t be afraid to further research the product and find out more about what it has to offer yu. We give a brief but in depth look at certain qualities of the products, but we can’t cover everything. It is important when purchasing anything that is meant to help with your physical health to check it with a fine-tooth comb first.

Having bad sleeping habits can lead to memory problems, irritability and even depression as well as the muscle and joint aches. These products can help to relieve issues that may put a stop to what seems like a normal day. By improving your sleep, you may be able to understand the events around you, retain more information and make even better decisions about things going on in your life. Such abilities are well worth the purchase.

There are other reasons as well to buying a topper aside from a great night’s sleep. A good mattress can be kept at optimal performance for longer. This may sound odd, given that adding something to a mattress that is already doing its job seems to take away from the purpose of assuring it has a comfort level that may cost you more to begin with, but why let it break down? A topper can’t correct a broken mattress, so why wait till it is broken? What it can do is bring some comfort back to a worn mattress, as long as it isn’t too far gone to start with and keep your bed in better condition. Other things that this product can do is protect the mattress from sweat, dead skin and bacteria and protect it from other dirt that may gather. Given that most toppers can be cleaned easily, either by soft cloths and cleaners or directly in a washer, it only makes sense that having that extra protection over a mattress that is not so easily cleaned is well worth it.

An often-overlooked consideration when choosing something like this is making sure it properly works with your particular bed. If the design does not allow it to sit right on your bed it can actually cause you and itself more damage, and sometimes even your bed. So, when choosing which one bests suits you, also make sure it suits your bed as well, so that you get the maximum value for your dollar and not just a short-lived comfort.


What qualities will a topper provide over all?

Comfort and support for you, protection and life span for your mattress. As mentioned above, these products are built for both you and to help make your bed last longer.

What shouldn’t I get one of these for?

These are built for beds that are always lying flat. Most of these will not work well with sofa beds or folding beds and usually are not intended for futons either. Also if your bed has deep grooves or broken parts inside the mattress, they are not made to completely restore a mattress and may not give the support you hope when placed on a mattress that desperately needs replaced to begin with. Choose to get these for a gently used mattress or new one, this is what they will be used best with for that little added extra support and lifespan.

How do I know what is the best one to buy to ‘suit my bed’?

Measuring your bed, knowing the type of mattress and its size all play a part when picking the best one for your bed. As with anything, from a sheet to a full zip on cover, size matters most. If the one you are looking at doesn’t come for your bed size or make, you may want to go directly to the company to see if they have other options that do or look for another brand that has your size and make listed.


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